Author Topic: 7 Strategies to Increase Your Job Satisfaction Wherever You Work  (Read 1339 times)


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7 Strategies to Increase Your Job Satisfaction Wherever You Work

1. Know Thyself
One way to increase job satisfaction is to know yourself. What are things that motivate you? Sure the company can do things and implement programs to increase staff motivation especially the companies that knows the importance of job satisfaction. But motivation is also from within. It is inside you, only you know what keeps you awake at night and makes you jump out of bed in the morning. When you know yourself, it is easy to increase your own job satisfaction as you will know what works for you.

2. Keep Challenging Yourself
Work has to be challenging enough but not so overwhelming that you find it insurmountable. Challenges at an optimum level keep you going. Perhaps you find that your work is not challenging anymore. In that case, learn to get more projects that are challenging now since you know the importance of job satisfaction in your life.

3. Cross Learn
Make cross learning and increasing your competency at work a culture you adopt. That means learn other skills that are only expected from people in other departments. If you are a sales person, learn to read financial statements. Cross learning can keep you challenged and will also open doors previously not an option to you. By knowing that options are open you become more relaxed and feel better about yourself. That can increase job satisfaction.

4. Improve Other Areas of Your Lives
I have mentioned that the importance of job satisfaction is its contribution to a significant part of your happiness because you spend one third of your day at work. Interestingly, when you are unhappy with other parts of your live you will also bring it to work. It is usually easy to blame other parts of your life on the low level of job satisfaction you have. But the reverse is also true, if you are unhappy with some parts of your life, you may just blame it on your job. Analyze yourself, are there other parts of your life you can improve?

5. Stay Positive
Where have you not heard this before, right? Stay positive. It’s so easy to dish our advice to stay positive. And it is worth mentioning again. Whenever you feel you aren’t very satisfied with your job, learn to stay positive. There are many things to be thankful for when you have a job. Remain positive that things can change for the better. Look forward to good things like a possible promotion or salary increase or completion of a project. You may just see your job satisfaction level increase.

6. Know the Role of Work in Your Life
Work means different things to different people. Know the role of your job in your life. What does it allow you to do? Pay for the bills? Serve people in the community? Allows you time to pursue your hobby? Know what is the role of your job in your life and you will put it in the right context. That may just raise your job satisfaction level.

7. Work Allows for the Search of Purpose
I like to think that work allows me to search for my sense of purpose. Not many people are mindful enough to know what their purpose in this world is. Why not let work become a medium to allow you to search for that purpose? Imagine having eight hours a day just doing an exercise that slowly reveals what you are here in this world to do?