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Why a continuous satisfaction analysis is important?
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Why a continuous satisfaction analysis is important?

At teambay we introduced a new way to constantly measure employees feelings towards their job which in turn displays changes in job satisfaction and creates a complete picture for employees satisfaction over the entire year. Asking only one question once a week does not only give a constant insight, but also shortens the survey. Employees do not have to fill in long questionnaires, but easily “vote” on a certain topic once a week. This gives the opportunity to decrease non-response.

Furthermore, depending on the results, the company can specifically choose questions to concentrate on and elaborate certain topics in depth. This also allows to convey seriousness about a company’s intention to change. In addition, as questions reoccur every three to four months, changes can be monitored and actions can be formed accordingly.

All in all, assessing employees’ job satisfaction is vital for a productive, efficient and healthy work environment. The commonly used method of measurement, however, highly influences the quality of the results. Constant questions increase participation, paint a regular picture of employees feelings and allow for in-depth questioning.