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Top 25 Sales Influencers List: Honoring Luminaries at Dreamforce 2013
by Brian Bachofner

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The Annual Top 25 Sales Influencers list is here! For the last two years, InsideView has set a precedent assembling an authoritative list that recognizes the contributions and achievements of the brightest minds in the sales industry. Here is the link to our 2012 edition in case you missed it. This year we decided it was time to make our list official

On Monday, November 18, 2013, InsideView will present 25 luminaries with awards honoring their contribution to sales thought leadership during our Social Happy Hour at Dreamforce 13. There seems like no better place to acknowledge contributions to the sales field than at the largest annual sales gathering.

So without further ado, here?s the list for 2013. If you want to follow these nominees, just follow our Twitter list ?Top Sales Influencers? and begin to change your sales game for 2014.

The Three Peats:  We?ve been watching these Sales leaders for a while.  While the Sales ?guru? space seems to grow daily, these are the Iconoclasts in Sales.

Name                                      Twitter Handle        Description
John    Barrows    @JohnMBarrows    Created crowdsourced Sales tips on  John also launched a new company this year, and continues to help leading tech companies with prospecting and sales effectiveness
Trish    Bertuzzi    @bridgegroupinc    Self professed member of the Outbound Mafia.  Sales visionary, blogger and President of The Bridge Group Inc.
Joanne    Black    @ReferralSales    Author of "No More Cold Calling" and whose upcoming book "Pick Up the Damn Phone! - How People, Not Technology Seal the Deal" came out in October
David    Brock    @davidabrock    Keeping us all honest with some of the greatest Blog posts in 2013.  Runs Partners in Excellence, a leading Sales Consulting firm.
Josiane    Feigon    @JosianeFeigon    CEO of Tele-smart, who's new book "Smart Sales Manager" came out this summer
Barbara    Giamanco    @barbaragiamanco    Author of "The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media" and the co-creator of the term "Social Selling."  Published in the HBR and co-wrote "The Rise of Social Salespeople" with Jim Keenan
Gerhard    Gschwandtner    @gerhard20    Founder of Selling Power, Host of Sales 2.0 conference and creator of the new in 2013
Jill    Konrath    @jillkonrath    If you need me to tell you something about why Jill's on this list, get a new profession.  Is that endorsement enough?
Anneke    Seley    @annekeseley    Besides the fact that I love her, Wrote Sales 2.0, founder of RealityWorks a leading Inside Sales Consulting firm

Back to Backers:

Name                                     Twitter Handle        Description
Anthony    Iannarino    @iannarino    Writer of "The Sales Blog" and "in the arena" podcast, and a frequent contributor to some of the great Video being produced by co-entrant Gerhard Gschwantner
Steve    Richard    @srichardv    Co-founder of Vorsight, our favorite "Outbound" trainers out there.  Frequent speaker at AA-ISP events and our Insider Summit
Craig    Rosenberg    @funnelholic    Continues to write the best content in the biz on the Funnelholic blog.   Launched a new company TOPO in 2013, which is one to watch.

New Entrants:

Name                                    Twitter Handle         Description
Greg    Alexander    @GregAlexander    CEO of Sales Benchmark Index.  He's leading SBI's charge to social selling as one of the 4 key ways for Sales Orgs to make their number.
Clara    Shih    @clarashih    CEO of Hearsay Social, a leading application to help sellers find and share content via social networks.  Recognized thought leader and just so happens to sit on the board at $sbux
Jonathan    Farrington    @TopSalesWorld    Is the fact that Jonathan has 100k Twitter followers, which include ALL of the other entrants on this list not enough for you?  Runs the leading online sales resource TopSalesBlog
Joe    Galvin    @JoeGalvin    Quite Literally a Giant in the area of Sales Performance. Chief Research Officer for the Miller Heiman Research Institute, who's building a great practice to help Sales organizations on their journey to World Class
Matt    Heinz    @HeinzMarketing    Matt runs Heinz Marketing, and writes some of the best content on Sales and Marketing today.  Also in a bromance with another entrant on the list, Craig Rosenberg
Ken    Krogue    @kenkrogue    Ken's been busy in 2013.  When not leading, he's writing for Forbes, hosting Google Hangout and putting on 15,000 attendee Virtual Sales Tradeshows.
Mike    Kunkle    @Mike_Kunkle    Many will argue Mike's omission in 2011 and 2012 was heresy, but Mike's profile definitely increased in 2013 after he joined Richardson to lead their Product development efforts.
Devon    McDonald    @DevMcDee    When you're entrusted to develop and deploy Sales best practices for a portfolio of VC-backed companies, you must know what you're doing.
Donal    Daly    @dealmaker365    Authored "Account Planning for Salesforce," in 2013 and continues to advocate for smart use of technology in the way sellers engage with the clients and prospects
Lori    Richardson    @scoremoresales    Helps her clients find new clients.  Owner of the ScoreMoreSales blog and new leader of the Sale She-bang.
Jill    Rowley    @jill_rowley    Made the jump from OriginalGangster Social-seller to Enablement professional leading Oracles sales transformation to Social Sales
Jamie    Shanks    @james_t_shanks    At Sales4Life, Jamie's building one of the most recognizable "Social Selling" enablement firms out there.
Nancy    Nardin    @sellingtools    Helping Sales Organizations intelligently leverage technology in their process.  Launched Sales Productivity University and published Top Sales Productivity Tools in 2013.

The Watchlist: 

Name                                                                              Twitter Handle               
Tibor    Shanto    @TiborShanto
Sam    Richter    @SamRichter
Kendra    Lee    @KendraLeeKLA
Paul    McCord    @paul_mccord
Gary    Hart    @SalesDuJour
Mark    Hunter    @TheSalesHunter
Kenneth    Brown    @KenE3C
John    Cousineau    @jcousineau
Eric    Blumthal    @EricBlumthal
Miles    Austin    @milesaustin
Doyle    Slayton    @SalesBlogcast
Pelin    Thorogood    @PelinT
Don    Perkins    @donfperkins
Nigel    Edelshain    @nedelsha
Frank    Visgatis    @frankvisgatis
Julio    Viskovich    @juliovisko
Vernon    Niven    @vniven
Matt    Bertuzzi    @mattbertuzzi
Kyle    Porter    @kyleporter
Tim    Reisterer    @TRiesterer
Kurt    Shaver    @salesfoundry
Jim    Keenan    @keenan
Gerry    Moran    @gerrymoran
Brandon    Uttley    @brandonuttley
Jon    Ferrara    @jon_ferrara

Are there any sales influencers that you would add to this list? Connect with us on Twitter @InsideView #IVDF13 and check out our Pinterest board. We hope you?ll join us at Booth N1812 for this special event to celebrate with sales leaders!