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Insider Tips on How to Manage Millennials by InsideView
« on: October 26, 2013, 10:15:21 AM »
Insider Tips on How to Manage Millennials by InsideView

AG Salesworks recently announced a new, free guide that offers advice for how to manage and mentor millennials. By the end of the decade, millennials will encompass 50% of the workforce. Not only will they be employees, they will also be customers. It?s important to learn how to reign in and retain talented millennials, communicate with them effectively and provide an environment conducive to innovation for all generations.

We?re proud to share that InsideView has experienced a rapid 50% growth over the past year, largely due to the excellence of Inside Sales reps. Therefore, we would like to share how Ralph Barsi, Senior Sales Leader and Josh Shaules, Lead Qualifications Specialist at InsideView, demonstrate a successful example of how to manage and mentor millennials.

Below are key tips from the guide and how InsideView illustrates these principles:

    Trust them:  People respond better when they?re trusted. When Josh first joined InsideView, he was fairly new to Inside Sales. Ralph created a welcoming environment by trusting Josh to execute and teaching him best practices in sales. Furthermore, Ralph represented the company philosophy when talking to Josh; concurrently, he represented Josh and the Inside Sales team when talking to senior leadership. Trust and communication is essential, along with sending the right message to the right people.

    Be flexible: The biggest factor in whether a millennial stays in a job is flexible work situations. At InsideView, employees have the flexibility to work from home and are measured by results instead of time at the office. In addition, InsideView has a leaderboard that recognizes outstanding sales reps and a bonus system that rewards high performers. For example, if Josh hits monthly sales goals, he can take 8 hours of earned time off. He also receives a bonus for reaching targeted quotas.

    Make it meaningful: Research indicates that millennials want a chance to do work that will benefit society. At InsideView, Ralph ensures high standards and makes work meaningful by helping Josh feel like he?s on the best team. This is shown through an enthusiastic attitude of playing to win and confidence in his ability to excel and add value to the company. In addition, InsideView organizes group volunteer activities such as community service at the SF Food Bank to give back to society.

    Challenge them: It?s important to encourage a learning culture by giving incentives for participating in training programs or completing goals. At InsideView, Ralph begins with envisioning the end in mind. He knows what goals the company, team and his sales reps are after. For example, Ralph realizes what motivates Josh inside and outside the office. By understanding his career goals and competitive personality, Ralph can challenge Josh to reach his potential and offer rewards for achieving his goals.

    Be yourself: Don?t scare millennials away with a constantly formal outlook. They want to know what kind of person you are outside of work and get to know you. InsideView hosts happy hours every Friday, which offers employees an opportunity to socialize in an informal setting. We have also organized a trip to Monterey and planned activities such as go-cart racing, bowling at Lucky Strike and reunions with InsideView alumni. Ralph emphasizes the importance of smiling ? and having fun at work!

In conclusion, Ralph and Josh have achieved tremendous success in Inside Sales by executing the aforementioned tips. InsideView has a unique culture that encourages open communication, focuses on customer success and promotes sales excellence. Our company is built on referrals and inspires innovation in a casual yet professional environment. We also recognize star performers and celebrate anniversaries at company meetings. For example, Greg Brush, SVP of Worldwide Sales, recently celebrated his 5 year anniversary at InsideView and won an Apple Thunderbolt Display!

We hope this article provides some valuable insights on how to develop the next generation of Inside Sales leadership through mentorship and a supportive workplace culture. To read more about managing millennials in your business and creating harmony between all generational cohorts, download AG Saleswork?s free guide here.