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4 Ways to Increase Call Backs
« on: October 05, 2013, 12:45:06 PM »
4 Ways to Increase Call Backs
Lead prospecting is only part of the battle in B2B sales. Another big part of the sales crusade is getting your prospects to talk to you. If you have a hard time getting your prospects to call you back, you are not alone. Many salespeople complain that their call back rate is not good. Bad call back rates are due to the wrong sales techniques. The following four sales intelligence techniques will help you increase your call back rates substantially.

1. Personal Connections

A survey conducted by Reachable found that personal connections increased call back percentages by 243 percent. The survey found that prospects were much more likely to return sales calls if there was a direct connection. A direct connection can be a common business associate, email referral or a business referral. Social CRM is another potential source of connections ? digital connections. Having a common person or business in your social media circle is often enough of a direct connection to get you a call back.

2. Spark Your Prospects' Interest

Businesses are assaulted with sales calls day in and day out. If your call does not stand out from the rest, it has a good chance of being ignored. Get rid of the boring sales pitch and instead ask questions that spark your prospects' interest. For example, instead of starting out your sales pitch with, "I have a product that will streamline your production process," you could ask, "what "How much money would your company save if it reduced its production speed by 15 percent?" By asking a question, you involve the prospect in the conversation, and that is half the battle. If you can get your prospect talking, you have a better chance of getting them to listen to what your company has to offer.

3. Leave a Voicemail

Many salespeople are afraid of leaving voicemails based on the experience that their voicemails are usually not returned. The problem is not voicemails; the problems is bad voicemails. If you leave the right voicemails, there is a good chance that your prospects will call you back. A good voicemail is short (15 to 30 seconds), states the prospect's name at the beginning and end of the message, is informative and is polite.

4. Send a Follow-Up Email

Some of your prospects may be interested in what your company has to offer, but may forget to call you back. A follow-up email can provide a gentle reminder in this situation. It can also provide a second opportunity to get your prospect interested if they were not before. In your follow-up email, refer to your prior conversation or email and briefly summarize what your company has to offer.

Selling is a numbers game. You will never get 100 percent of your prospects to call you back, but you can get the majority of them to call you back when you implement the above four tips as part of your sales strategy.