Author Topic: Sales Tips For Prospecting: How To Eliminate ?Cold Calling? From Your Vocabulary  (Read 1526 times)


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Sales Tips For Prospecting: How To Eliminate ?Cold Calling? From Your Vocabulary (Part 1 of 3)
by Ralph Barsi
The problem "cold calling" is real.  It exists.  However, it?s also completely preventable.  If you are looking to engage prospects for your business ? you need to find valuable and relevant reasons to connect with them.

In this 3 part series, I will teach you 7 sales tips for effective prospecting. By applying these tactics correctly and consistently, you can eliminate "cold calling" from your vocabulary.

TIP #1: Automate Your Outreach

Email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Boomerang allow users to send messages at scheduled times. If you use Hotmail or Yahoo!, check out LetterMeLater.

For example, suppose that you're going through your inbox at 2:37am and respond to your prospect's message.  When they awake later that morning, your message may get deleted with spam, along with 89% of messages that also arrived in the very early hours.

Instead, your message could arrive at 7am or on a weekend afternoon, when your prospects will likely READ the email.  Below are the steps for scheduling email messages:

    In your message on the Options tab, click "Delay Delivery"
    Under Delivery options, select the "Do not deliver before" check box and specify the delivery date and time that you prefer
    Click "send" and your message will remain in Outbox until the scheduled delivery time

TIP #2: Use Three Sentences in Emails (No More Than Five)

The average professional receives 115 emails a day and reads 43% of emails from their phone.

If you send a novel of an email, it will get trashed, skipped for "later viewing" (which won't happen) or partially read. People only have time to read short texts and tweets, so write brief and concise emails.

TIP #3: Create Push Notifications for Sales Intelligence

Sales reps and account managers have access to overwhelming amounts of data and insights, but it's often time consuming to gather and sift through the important data.

By using a CRM intelligence solution such as InsideView, key insights would be automatically delivered to you via email or right within your CRM.  Furthermore, the email would contain essential sales intelligence: leadership changes, new product offerings, company earnings, expanding operations, etc.  Try out InsideView's free offering here.

To learn more about effective strategies for prospecting, join me at the Inside Sales 2013 Frontline Conference in Boston on September 18th. I will share more tips to help you succeed in prospecting and win more deals. Enter code InsideView for a $50 discount!

Feel free to send any questions to @rbarsi @InsideView on Twitter with the hashtag #insidesales2013. I look forward to hearing from you!