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49 Ways To Stand Out During The Interview Process

Started by Doha, February 02, 2021, 07:40:21 PM

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49 Ways To Stand Out During The Interview Process

Working your way through the job interview process is tough enough as it is. If you're lucky enough to advance to real face time, the struggle to stand out becomes an imminent threat.

The notion of disconnecting from the crowd seems entirely foreign, especially for recent grads. Being able to conform is practically a survival tactic in public school, and the tendency to blend in isn't easily corrected.

The  truth is you only learn these interviewing skills through practice (sometimes years of it). Don't expect — or pressure yourself — to master them all in one day.

Consider this list less of a study guide and more of a checklist, and aim for progress in your interview processes — not perfection.

Before you apply
1. Set up an online portfolio, if applicable.
2. Pursue industry-related certifications.
3. Check that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

In your application
1. Tailor your application to the job.
2. Address the hiring manager in your cover letter.
3. Include portfolio and social links in your resume.
4. Keep your resume neat and clean.
5. Send your resume as a PDF.
6. Mention you have references available upon request.

Before a phone interview
1. Choose a quiet location to take the call.
2. Print out any reference material and lay them out in front of you.

During a phone interview
1. Answer with, "Hello, this is [Name]."
2. Have a professional voicemail message, just in case.
3. Use a friendly and upbeat tone of voice.
4. Allow a pause before taking your turn to speak.
5. Thank your interviewer for their time.
6. Say goodbye in a professional way.

After a phone interview

1. Send a follow-up thank you email.
2. Emphasize your interest in the job.
3. Keep it brief.
4. Have a professional email signature.

Before an in-person interview
1. Prepare copies of your resume and cover letter.
2. And print them on high quality paper.
3. Dress according to office culture.
4. But make sure you're comfortable.
5. Keep hair and makeup simple.

During an in-person interview
01. Arrive at least 10 minutes early.
02. Be kind to everyone you encounter.
03. Turn off or silence your devices.
04. Stand up when your interview walks in.
05. And shake hands.
06. Use your research to break the ice.
07. Keep a friendly but professional distance.
08. Practice social etiquette.
09. Keep business cards handy.
10. Ask thought-provoking questions.
11. Maintain eye contact.
12. Keep a strong and confident posture.
13. Don't forget to smile.
14. Don't be afraid to brag.
15. Tie your experience and skills to the job specs.
16. Make your narrative clear.
17. Ask for feedback.
18. Listen carefully.
19. Thank your interviewer for their time.
20. Wish them a good day.

After an in-person interview

1. Send a handwritten thank-you note
2. And personalize it to each conversation.
3. Reiterate your fit during follow-up.
4. Be patient.

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