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How do you prepare for a video job interview amid COVID-19?

Started by Doha, December 21, 2020, 05:00:00 PM

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How do you prepare for a video job interview amid COVID-19?

If your interviewer calls for a remote interview, it is always best to inquire about the method preferred by them. Find out beforehand on what format(phone or video) and what type of software will be used (Teams, Zoom,Hangout, etc).
When creating an account, avoid silly usernames like 'rockstar90' or 'funnybunny' and use a simple and professional userID. Alternatively, you can also fiddle with the privacy settings in some platforms to hide your
username display.
Let's get technical
Stability is key when it comes to the internet connectivity. While you work so hard to build a connection with your interviewer, a technical interruption could potentially ruin the entire interview process. Ensure the quality of the device that you will be using for the interview is at an optimum state and make sure your webcam and microphone are tested and fully functioning.
Set up your location

Rid yourself of distractions by choosing a place at home with minimal to no sound.  If possible, sit in front of a blank background so that you remain as the focal point during the interview. Lastly, check your lighting! The trick is to keep the light source in front of you so that your face is well lit and can be clearly viewed by your interviewer, make eye contact with them.
Dress the part
Just because you are meeting your interviewer virtually does not mean you should take the interview any less seriously. It is important to dress as you would if you were going to the interview in person.
Practice makes perfect
If you are nervous, prepare forecast questions that interviewers frequently ask, note down your answers, and run through as if you are rehearsing for a play. You could practice in front of a mirror or record yourself. Look out your tone, volume, posture and facial expressions. Be aware of your body language, make sure with a good posture throughout the interview process. Avoid 'uhm's and 'err's as it gives the impression of uncertainty.
Last but not least, be a well-prepared early bird. It helps when you prepare one day beforehand, avoiding last-minute scrambling. Get a good sleep the night before as your interviewer can tell if you are tired, messy, or nervous.
Always have backup
Scoring an interview is precious, and you should take the time to set a backup plan in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. If your main device turns out to be a laptop and it decides to shut down due to technical difficulties, have your phone on standby.

Make sure your phone is fully charged or has a battery above 50% to reduce the risk of it shutting down. If your Wi-Fi connection is unreliable, tap on your phone data for a more stable connection.
Before your interview, ensure that your interviewer has your phone in case you need to interview over the phone. If something goes wrong, try to relax and make light of the situation. How you behave and handle stress is an important signal to your interviewer!