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50 Questions | To Know Yourself Better
« on: December 19, 2020, 06:06:57 PM »
50 Questions | To Know Yourself Better

How do you discover the real you?
Knowing yourself is the most significant capital you could ever possess! 🙂

Why do I say this?

You see, life generally is a trial and error game.

You keep trying each day, some fail, some tick. But you don’t give up. You wake up each morning, more revitalized, ready to take on new challenges.

When you know yourself, you will know what to do.

Knowing yourself is a mark of confidence and independence.

Now, how do you discover the real you?

Be silent, and initiate internal conversation.
Get to know who you are, and not what you want to be!
Identify what you are good at!
Discover your passion, and nurture it in the best way only you can!
Always try to get feedback from friends and family. Hearing from others might help you know yourself better.
What are some good questions to help you know yourself better?
Get to know yourself better by going through these 50 questions.

Take your time to think of the answers! 🙂

You might be surprised by what they will be… 🙂

What is important to me, what are my core values?
Imagine yourself the day you’ll die (as older and as healthier as possible!), looking back at your life, how do you want it to look like? At what souvenirs are you looking at?
How do you want to be remembered? Here, for example, I wish that people will remember me as someone who’s smiling, enthusiastic, interesting to talk to… 🙂

What are my strengths and talents?
What do I worry about? Maybe it only about my legacy once I am gone.
What am I passionate about? What do I like to do if I have free time? On holidays and weekends?
What am I grateful for?
What are my beliefs about life, and are they valuable?
Are you an extreme introvert or a vivacious soul?
What is it that you could say deeply describe your personality?
Could you explicitly define your ideal environment?
Can you take risks head-on?
Are you comfortable working under immense pressure? Knowing when you can perfectly perform is of the essence.
What are your striking strengths? You should know your strengths and use them to your advantage.
Do you have some nagging weaknesses that keep holding you back?
What are the unique traits that set you apart from the rest? It is essential to know your identity.
Imagine your doctor calls in the middle of the night. He informs you will be living your last two days. How would you react to that? And what would you do that you have never done?
You wake up one morning to the news that you have hit the jackpot. You are the proud winner of $100, 000, 000. How does that change your life? How do you spend the amount?
Do you think you are generally a happy soul? If not, what is holding back your happiness?
Do you ever tell lies? I mean, what is the biggest lie you have had to make to get away with something?
Undoubtedly, one day you will die. What is it you wish would be during your funeral?
What is your excellent day like?
What spheres of life would you say you have identified your passion?
Do you feel something is missing in your life? Is there something you can do about it?
Have you fully felt appreciated by friends and family? Have you been in love with someone before?
Do you believe everything happens in your life for a reason, or is t by fate?
What is the most regarded asset in your life?
Which one do you prefer; spending time by yourself or with someone by your side?
Do you have something in your life you secretly feel ashamed of?
What is the most significant limit to your dreams?
What is that one thing that you are so passionate about?
How can you use the above answer to change your society?
What do you believe is your greatest strength?
How do you handle your money? Are you a free spender or a miser?
Could you look back in your life and say some people held your hand and helped you walk the journey?
If you were to go back to 10 years ago, what is that one thing you would do differently?
What do you believe is the most achievable thing in life?
There are many times you fail. Noe, how do you react to such moments?
Are there times you rely on others to give you directions in life?
Do you have short term goals in your life?
What is that one thing you can look at and be proud of as your most revered accomplishment?
What are those three things that would make you happy, regardless of your situation?
What do you think is holding you back from living the life of your dream?
Are there instances in your life where you felt unworthy and underestimated yourself/
Generally, are you happy with your life and the people around you?
What is your most enlightening moment?
Are there moments in your life you feel you just want to be alone?
If you were to change carriers, which is that that could make your life better?
Do you ever feel the urge to compare your life to others?
Have you ever believed in destiny?

What are some hard questions?
When it comes to self-discovery, it’s also important to ask yourself questions that are hard…

Take the time to find the answers to these questions, they are fascinating, right? 🙂

Do you ever feel like some days are repeated in your life?
Imagine there was no fear in the world, and nobody failed in anything they did. What would you do?
What is that one thing you would look back and say you are much grateful for?
Look at yourself and your life. Do you feel you are living the life you have always desired?
What was the feeling when you first fell in love?
What is your ideal definition of success?

How knowing yourself will help you boost your self-confidence!
Of course, if you’ve been following my podcast and everything that I share with you, you will know that I truly believe that getting to know yourself will help you undoubtedly in building your self-confidence! 🙂

Why is that?

For 3 main reasons.

The first one is by starting your self-discovery journey, it’s going to be a way to take care of yourself! And by doing this, you’re going to show that you care about yourself and that you are worth it! 🙂

This is already a great self-confidence boost.

Then, you’re going to discover what you’re good at, what are your strengths and talents. Those will be your resources, what you can use to reach what you always dreamt and hoped for! 🙂

And then the last reason is, knowing yourself better is helping you in being more comfortable with who you really are.

You know how comfortable it is to be at home? You know where is everything and it sounds secure and cozy!

So, it’s exactly the same when you know yourself! 🙂

You can better understand your thoughts, your emotions and your reactions.

You have more control and it just feels super relaxing and comforting!

As you can see, there are only benefits of getting to know yourself better! 🙂