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Upscale your forum posting Skills and be an online community master

Started by Doha, November 18, 2020, 08:16:04 PM

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Forum posting is a great, free way to get your name out there and increase awareness for your product or service. However, it has to be done carefully and tastefully so that you are posting accurate and relevant information to avoid spamming message boards. An experienced freelancer understands the fine lines that cannot be crossed in forum posting, and how to harness the power of this practice to increase traffic to your main website. Source: Freelancer Job (

Upscale Your Career through Forum Posting Skills

What Employers expect from you :

Commitment. We (employers) expect this person to be in it for the long haul. If you are seeking some insta-cash, this is not the job for you and we respectfully ask that you save your credits and time.

Champion. The most important element is that you fit and resonate with those three Affinities because it will be just as much your mission as the team's to champion the mission and vision. We hope this person can become part of the Legendary team.

Transparency. We are built upon transparency and you must have that at your core.

Innovative. This is a paid community for the Elite. The community and platform must be and remain the most incredible community for Creatives. You will be expected to help find ways to improve the platform. Don't worry, you're never alone, see the next point.

Collaborative. You must be energized by collaboration. This is part of our culture. Products are made extraordinary when many great hands are intentionally breathing life into them. You will be empowered to take on your initiatives yet, we do all things as a team.

-Event planning guru. One of the elements we want this community to have is a fantastic event culture. We expect you to help lead outstanding events that delight all who are involved.

Ownership. At Legendary, everyone has a great level of autonomy. With autonomy comes responsibility. Everyone will always be there to support you. We expect you to have a level of self direction.

Analytical. We expect you to analyze the way people are using the platform, how they are interacting with one another, and challenge the way we do things even if they are things you implemented. A mentality of constant improvement and iteration is a must.

Embrace ambiguity. Though many online communities exist. This is new. At times things will be ambiguous. You will never be alone and have leaders to help crystalize initiatives when they are nebulous. Though, sometimes things are kept nebulous for a reason. In time you will see why.

Curious. You should always question the status quo. We will never settle for mediocrity. Being involved, researching, analyzing, creating, and iterating are all part of what we do.

Creative. Since this is a community for creatives, you might be a creative yourself or able to deeply empathize with being one. Even if your creativity is in building communities you'll get it.

User smart. Think and learn from the user's perspective.

Let's create something awesome together!

Source: Upwork: Brilliant(part-time to start)online community master/event planning guru for Elite online community