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What is Performance Management-Basic Guideline

Started by hasanuzzaman.cdc, November 05, 2020, 01:17:21 PM

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Performance Management

Information about KU's performance management processes and procedures, including evaluation forms and templates.

What is Performance Management?
An ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job responsibilities, priorities, performance expectations, and development planning that optimize an individual's performance and aligns with organizational strategic goals.

When people hear the words performance management, the annual evaluation may be their first thought. However, an effective performance management process involves much more than just the annual evaluation.

Human Resources has established modules to assist in managing employee performance. Human Resources recommends in addition to setting goals at the beginning of the evaluation period and evaluating performance at the end of the evaluation period, that feedback sessions are held throughout the year. These meetings include:

Initial Meeting: Goal Setting and Development Planning – During the first meeting, at the beginning of the evaluation period, the employee and supervisor will mutually develop goals that align directly with the goals of the department, school and university. A development plan that supports goal completion will also be developed and agreed upon.

Quarterly Feedback Sessions (April, July, October for an annual evaluation period) – During the feedback sessions, the employee and supervisor will discuss the employee's progress toward goal completion and any support that may be needed.

Final Meeting: Annual Review – During the final meeting at the end of the evaluation period, the employee and supervisor will discuss overall performance and goals and development plan outcomes.

Staff Evaluations
Information about the UPS/USS performance evaluation process, including access to required evaluation forms and information about the annual goals/objectives setting process.

University Core Competencies
University Leadership had identified nine University Core Competencies upon which all employees will be evaluated in the Performance Management System.

Goals and Performance Improvement Plans
Information about setting goals and creating performance improvement plans.

Performance Management System & User Guides
Information about the University's Performance Management System and to access tutorial videos and job aids that cover the processes and functions of the system. The Performance Management System is rolling out in phases; departments within Administration and Finance are piloting the first phase for the 2015 calendar year.

Graduate Student & Student Hourly Performance Evaluations
Information about the performance evaluation process for graduate student employees (GRA/GTA/GA) and student hourly employees, including evaluation templates.

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