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How to Write a Resume for Freshers?
« on: October 28, 2020, 12:46:14 PM »
How to Write a Resume for Freshers?

Ready to apply for your first job? Well, your job search starts with writing a polished and professional resume. Did you know you have just 6 seconds to make an impression on recruiters? This is because a hiring manager usually gives not more than a few seconds to look at your resume. Therefore, it becomes a bit more daunting for a job seeker to create a perfect resume and survive the first cut in today’s competition. Firstnaukri offers a free online resume maker to help you create your resume in minutes.

The sooner you start, the easier it is to get your first job.

Here’s a quick list of things you need to do to create an impressive fresher resume.

Tip 1: Select a suitable resume type
Choosing a relevant resume type is the first step towards building a resume. There are different types of resume formats such as chronological resume, functional resume and combination resume. These are best suited for different purposes, for instance, chronological resumes are most useful for candidates with several years of work experience as this resume type lists the most recent work experience at the top. However, a fresher resume format should be such that it emphasizes more on skills than work experience. Therefore, for a fresher resume, pick a functional resume. Several online resume templates are available to help you build a winning resume. Firstnaukri resume tool is one such online tool that can help you create a fresher resume for free.

Tip 2: Write an impressive headline
The headline of your resume is vital as it gives a snapshot of your CV to recruiters. Therefore, it should be two or three lines of summary about your career objective and academics. A crisp, professional headline helps you to stand out from the competition. Add some keywords from the job description to make it impressive and relevant to recruiters.

Here’s a sample for fresher resume headline:

II B. Tech. in Computer Science. Fine working knowledge of C++, PHP, and Java. Possess excellent communication skills and technical skills that can ensure smooth operations in any organization.  II

Tip 3: Make it easy to read
How to write a resume can be easily answered with the next logical step, which is making your resume legible. Keep in mind the pointers that make your resume easy to read and understand. Choose legible fonts such as Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman, keeping the size that is neither too small nor too big. Ideally, a font size of 12 is the best fit for your fresher resume. Use bullets to present key information as it helps you to highlight them to the recruiter.

Tip 4: Add relevant keywords
The best way to optimize your resume is to add job-related keywords. It helps your resume to be easily scanned by Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software used by recruiters to shortlist CVs. Read a job description carefully to pick appropriate keywords that can be related to skills or abilities a recruiter looks for in a candidate. One important tip is to place the keywords everywhere instead of concentrating them all in a single paragraph.

Tip 5: Highlight key projects and achievements
When writing resumes for freshers looking for first job, highlighting achievements plays a crucial role. Since you have no work experience, you can mention your accomplishments in academics, projects, and extra-curricular activities. Mentioning your internship, awards and volunteering activities also add value to your CV.

Tip 6: Proof-read your resume
Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and imagine your reaction on a CV that includes grammatical or typo errors! Of course, you would think that the candidate is highly careless and unprofessional. Therefore, it is imperative to proof-read your resume for any such mistakes that give a bad impression on recruiters.

Hope these resume writing tips will help you create a perfect resume for your job search.

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