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The Top 10 Job Industries Hiring Right Now
« on: October 20, 2020, 01:11:14 PM »
The Top 10 Job Industries Hiring Right Now

1. Business services
Business folks grabbed the top spot, with 16,480 employers who posted at least one job listing. During a Glassdoor company review survey, about 42% of employees believe more jobs will become available, 33% think it will stay the same and 27% say it will get worse.

2. Information technology
Brush up on your computer skills, because the IT crowd comes in second — albeit a pretty distant second. There are 10,381 employers hiring. About 45% of current employees believe the number of jobs will improve, while 24% think it will get worse.

3. Manufacturing
Manufacturing gigs come in at a fairly close third, with 9,344 listings. Employee outlook dips a bit, with 36% believing the sector's number of available jobs will increase, and 27% thinking it will get worse.

4. Health care
Taking a huge dip in the fourth spot is the healthcare industry, with 5,629 available jobs. Nearly 33% of employees in the field think it will improve, while 30% say it will get worse.

5. Finance
Rounding out the top five is the finance sector, with 3,756 employers hiring. Bringing back some optimism, about 40% of employers say things will improve, while 24% think the opposite.

6. Retail
Considering the popularity of buying and selling goods, retail is in the bottom half of this list, with 3,695 employers hiring. Approximately 31% of employee think things will get better, while 29% do not.

7. Accounting and legal
These two fields go hand-in-hand on Glassdoor, with 3,640 employers hiring — meaning that retail just barely beat out this sector. A positive 42% of employees say the field will improve, while 22% say it will get worse.

8. Construction, repair and maintenance
This trifold sector saw 2,181 employers hiring as of May 18. About 41% of employees think the field will get better, while 26% say it will get worse.

9. Media
Nearly closing out the list is the media sector, which saw 1,888 employers posting at least one job listing. Approximately 34% of employers think the sector will improve, while 31% believe it will get worse.

10. Restaurants, bars and food services
The culinary triumvirate arrives in 10th place, with 1,517 employers hiring in this sector. About 37% of employees can see things getting better, while 20% believe it will get worse.

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