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Global companies are challenged with meeting the highest standards in quality management and process control. Now more than ever, they are striving to implement efficient information management solutions to help them comply with regulatory requirements and internal quality policies while streamlining processes and reducing costs. Without a scalable and flexible quality management system (QMS), firms often struggle to meet quality standards and sustain a competitive advantage.

Audit Management
Audits monitor critical processes, identify gaps, and help companies improve quality. An audit management system drives efficient management of resources, workflow, data and records associated with company internal audits of all levels as well as with audits relevant to suppliers and company regulatory inspections.  In addition, an effective audit management system manages and tracks all resulting observation records and corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) to ensure proper resolution. Sparta Systems’ audit management solutions allow manufacturers to take a best practices approach to compliance and risk management and support all audit programs using an enterprise system.

Change Control
Sparta Systems’ change control solutions enforce a standardized change control process across the enterprise while allowing the flexibility to meet specific workflow steps, making it the only solution designed to be flexible enough to manage all types of changes using one centralized system. Change management system applications include areas such as equipment, process, batch/materials, documents, computer systems, suppliers, emergency, labeling and packaging, EHS changes, utilities and validation.

Complaint Management
Customer retention, compliance with industry regulations and avoidance of potential product liability lawsuits are important objectives for all companies.  An effective complaint management system is critical to achieving these goals. Customer complaint management systems must provide the ability to log, respond to and investigate complaints. In addition, complaint handling software provides for the monitoring of developing trends through integrated tracking and reporting. With Sparta Systems, your organization can centralize its complaint intake processes, efficiently manage site level investigations and electronically process corrective and preventive actions.

Compliance Management
Sparta Systems’ compliance management solutions provide a common framework and an integrated approach to manage all compliance requirements faced by organizations today. The implementation of a compliance management solution is an integral piece of an overall quality management solution that works as a hub for cross-functional communication and collaboration to manage compliance and control initiatives across the entire organization. Sparta Systems’ compliance solutions centralize, streamline, and standardize quality process data and content from across the value chain, providing those responsible for making decisions with a holistic perspective that would otherwise be quite difficult to obtain.

Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
Complaints, audits, adverse events often lead to compliance events that must be addressed through a company’s CAPA process.  Sparta CAPA solutions enable organizations to track and manage the process of carrying out CAPA plans, automate verification of effectiveness over time, and provide seamless traceability to related quality processes, including change control and training.  Sparta Systems makes it possible for your company to take a holistic approach to your CAPA activities.

Document Management
When addressing quality management, real value comes when companies manage all quality control processes in one central EQMS solution while integrating applicable quality processes with document management functions. The integration of the two systems allows companies to improve quality, enhance productivity and drive continuous improvements.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
While EHS compliance needs vary across industries, the overall objectives of environmental health and safety compliance software are the same: to minimize risk and ensure compliance with EHS rules and regulations while enabling the organization to operate efficiently. Sparta environment, health and safety (EHS) solutions help organizations maintain compliance and efficiently manage and track key processes based on organizational SOPs; local, national and international government regulations; and compliance guidelines in conjunction with ISO 14001, ISO 9000, OHSAS 18001 and similar standards for environmental health and safety management.

 Regulatory Information Management (RIM)
Sparta RIM solutions enable companies to significantly reduce efforts, costs and risks associated with the managing regulatory submission and tracking processes including product labeling, product registration management, and submission planning and tracking.  Product registration tracking improves the management of product life cycle activities for each registration, in each country, and for every product, indication, package and formulation.

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)
You rely on hundreds or thousands of suppliers to deliver the right materials on time and on spec.  Sparta SQM helps you fully leverage your supply chain. It offers features and capabilities like supplier scorecards, qualification workflows, approved supplier list (ASL), and tracking for non-conformances and resulting CAPAs. Extend your quality and compliance processes to supply chain partners.

Training Management
Sparta Systems’ training management solutions provides automated tracking and managing of employee training, ensuring relevant activities are scheduled and tracked through to completion enabling organizations to reduce risk and increase employee productivity by improving management of corporate-wide training policies and requirements.