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Job Responsibilities

Started by Rokeya, November 01, 2018, 10:59:29 PM

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Serves as a member of the Undergraduate Admissions team and manages a recruitment territory and/or population; contacts, visits and informs prospective high school and transfer students about HBU programs, culture, mission, and life on campus; ensures that recruitment goals are met regarding applications, acceptances, and enrolled students;
Articulates the University's mission to a variety of publics, acting as a liaison between HBU and area college counselors/administrators, students, parents, alumni, corporations and/or governmental agencies;
Initiates, plans, and executes special projects in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the department;
Develops and implements specific recruitment projects and management tasks as assigned;
Manages, plans, and coordinates special recruitment events as assigned;
Maintains current knowledge of HBU's academic, spiritual, recreational, social, extra-curricular and financial aid programs and communicates this information to prospective students;
Encourages a healthy and productive working relationship between the Enrollment Management Division and other HBU offices;
Completes routine reports related to recruitment, projections, conversions, personal schedule, travel, special programs, and/or expense reports;
Telephones and/or emails prospective students, exhibiting a consistent effort to contact them;
Attends Enrollment Management staff meetings and is prepared to report on management tasks that were previously assigned;
Maintains a steady flow of communication via email, traditional mail, and social media, and phone calls with prospective students and applied students in order to establish a relationship between the student and HBU;
Works periodic weekends, evenings, and travels locally and out-of-state;
Participates in weekly/evening phoning;
Will be cross-trained in enrollment processes for other student populations and cover appointments as needed;
This job description shall include, but is not limited to the above duties