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Methods of HR Accounting
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Methods of HR Accounting

Approaches to human resource accounting H.R.A were first developed in 1691. The next approach was developed from 1691-1960, and the third phase was post-1960.[1]

There are two approaches to HRA. Under the cost approach, also called the "human resource cost accounting method" or model, there is an acquisition cost model and a replacement cost model. Under the value approach, there is a present value of future earnings method, a discounted future wage model, and a competitive bidding model under.

Considering the plus and minus of various models, Chennai based, CA Lakshminarayanan Ramanujam, has worked out a simple to use and easy to adopt, unique model titled GiveGET, for the Human Resource Valuation and Accounting, while accounting for PEACE.

   1)Cost approach
   2)Replacement cost approach
   3)Present value of future earnings
   4)Value to the organization
   5)Model on human resource accounting
   6)Expense model