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Personal Development Training Course - Two Day

Started by Shakib, September 27, 2018, 09:14:13 PM

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Learn practical tools that you can use in real-life situations.

1.Personal development training will help you get the best from yourself and others
2.Set specific goals and communicate them to all those who need to know
3.Develop your communication skills and gain their understanding and willing cooperation
4.Work out your priorities, write your plans, and better manage your time
5.Handle difficult people and conflict situations with more confidence
6.Manage your own emotions. Emotional intelligence training
7.Inspire others and create a positive atmosphere around you

Personal Development Training - Two Day Course Overview

Day One - Morning

1.You are the most influential person in your life
2.How can you get the best performance from yourself (and others)?
3.Develop the six key personal development skills
4.How to develop goal focus
5.The accurate use of language
6.Distinguish the critic from the cynic
7.Define your most important ideas]

Day One - Afternoon

1.How to handle difficult people
2.How to manage negative emotions
3.Use objective language
4.Prepare your message in advance
5.Separate reasons from excuses
6.When to compromise and when not to
7.Always finish on a positive note

Day Two - Morning

1.Time management training
2.Operate according to your plan, not your mood
3.To judge priorities; look at "Task-deadline" and 'Task-value'
4.Distinguish between 'busy-work' and 'productive-work'
5.How to handle interruptions and low value distractions
6.Proper delegation
7. Priorities and create a "mental track to run on"
8.Gain the maximum value in minimum time

Day Two - Afternoon

1.Create and sustain a Positive mental attitude
2.How attitude affects your tangible results
3.The Five Part Success Formula
4.How to profit from setbacks, difficulties and defeats
5.Turning negative situations into positive
6.Your Life chances can be positively affected by your mind set
7.How to "stack the odds" in your favour
8.Action plan, final summary close

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