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Basic Objective of Sales Force Management

Started by Suraya Yasmen, September 27, 2018, 02:31:44 AM

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Suraya Yasmen

Basic Objective of Sales Force Management
Posted By: Zkjadoon
Posted:May 24, 2016

A customer identifies the Brand or product by the Sales Representatives. The Sale Force Management is the primary link between the Product offered by the Company and the end consumer that will buy the product. Over a decade the firms have a single goal of earning profit and making sales. The Sales Team were recruited to search for the present and potential customers and to make the sale. The Soul purpose was to sell a product. Now with the advancements in market; the user is becoming more and more informed the companies cannot focus on the sole purpose of earning profit. It about winning a customer that will not only ensure current sales but also ensures future business or profit for the company. Therefore, the sale Teams are now better trained as closing the deal requires effective communication, good negotiation skills and product knowledge. The Sales force management gathers info regarding market completion, new trends, and Changing Consumer demands. The sales representatives are the Eye and Ears of any business organization and can really matter a lot in the success and failure of the product.