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Elements of Sales Force Management

Started by Suraya Yasmen, September 27, 2018, 01:49:32 AM

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Suraya Yasmen

Elements of Sales Force Management
Posted By:Zkjadoon
Posted: May 24, 2016

    1.Lead Generation: The Sales Representatives generate the sales lead and then track the potential user by gathering the data and customer related info like phone numbers, tastes, and buying patterns.

    2.Sales Forecasting: Predicting the company future sales based upon the previous sales for a particular period of time; is sales forecasting process. The Sales Forecasting is done for the next tax year or the fiscal year (or for a period of a time in the near future). This enables the company to take important business decisions regarding production, distribution, advertising budgets.

    3.Order Management: The sales Force Manages and streamlines the product orders efficiently. A well-executed Order Management System or OMS results in Sales Boost, Improved Customer retention and Better Consumer Relations. Order Management System is quite a hefty term for a simple concept; delivering Goods and products without or minimum delay is order management.

   4. Product Knowledge: The basic element for closing a deal or making a successful sale is having the complete knowledge of the product. To win the customer trust is of outmost important for the Sales representative. In order to convince the buyer to spend the money on the product the Sale team must have the complete know how of the Product and its benefits.

Sales Force Management is also responsible selecting, recruiting, training, supervising, controlling and managing the sales teams or Sales personnel.