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Personal Services jobs/Personal Service Careers
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Personal Service Careers

Personal Service Careers Overview
Personal service careers are those jobs that serve people on a personal level. Manicurists, barbers and hairdressers, personal trainers, childcare providers and even funeral service workers are types of personal service careers. Because they all involve working closely with people, those with outgoing personalities and an interest in helping others are drawn to these vocations.

Personal Service Education
Most personal service jobs require a high school diploma, but the postsecondary education varies after that. Personal service careers such as cosmetologists, skin care specialists, manicurists and fitness trainers typically need to hold certifications in their fields. These can be obtained through programs at trade schools and technical colleges or through accredited organizations such as the International Sports Sciences Association, which offers certifications for personal trainers and fitness instructors. Funeral service workers are required to have an associate's degree and be licensed by their state.

Personal Service Job Market
A focus on better grooming, health and wellness is associated with the projected 12 to 14 percent growth in personal service careers over the 10 year period between 2012 and 2022. Even funeral service jobs are expected to see a healthy 12 percent increase, as aging baby boomers have begun making their own plans for funeral services and end-of-life arrangements. Manicurists and pedicurists are expected to see the biggest increase in jobs at 16 percent.

Personal Service Salaries
With the highest educational requirements, funeral service jobs are the personal service careers that pay the most, bringing in an average annual wage of $51,600. Personal trainers are next on the list with a yearly median salary of $31,720. Cosmetologists come in at $22,770 annually, but if you choose to specialize in skin care you could increase that average income to $28,640, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Childcare workers and manicurists come in at the bottom of the salary scale at less than $19,550 per year.

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