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Self-esteem:  self-esteem is how we value our selves,it is how we perceive our value to the world and how valuble we think we are to others. Self-esteem affects our trust in others, our relationships, our work nearly everyparty of our lives.
Positive self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow from our mistakes without the fear of rejection.
Signs of high self-esteem:
Non-blaming behavior,
An awareness of personal strengths
An ability to make mistakes and learn from them.
How to improve your self-esteem?
Forgive yourself for past mistakes.
Focus on your positive attributes.
Follow the example of successful people.
Become a self-talker.
Exhibit a good attitude.
Get plenty of rest.
Make your work/study skills your own.
Practice your laents.
Become physically fit.
Learn new things.
Improve your personal relationships.
Well dress.