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Job Industry/ The Top 10 Job Industries Hiring Right Now
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The Top 10 Job Industries Hiring Right Now


Finding a job isn't easy, which is why you need a statistical advantage.

Glassdoor, an online database that compiles job information, provided a data report of the top 10 industries hiring in the U.S. It analyzed the number of employers, in sectors such as health care and business, who had at least one job listing posted on the site as of May 18. It also collected the business outlook and satisfaction ratings by current employees.

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As a sign of the times, business and tech job listings are at the top of the list.

“Employers in these industries are looking to hire for many competitive roles," Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor community expert, tells Mashable. "Job seekers with big data, mobile or analytics skills are in high demand."

Here are the top 10 industries looking for employees.

 GlassdoorGlassdoor's chart of the top 10 industries hiring as of May 18. IMAGE: GLASSDOOR

1. Business services
Business folks grabbed the top spot, with 16,480 employers who posted at least one job listing. During a Glassdoor company review survey, about 42% of employees believe more jobs will become available, 33% think it will stay the same and 27% say it will get worse.

2. Information technology
Brush up on your computer skills, because the IT crowd comes in second — albeit a pretty distant second. There are 10,381 employers hiring. About 45% of current employees believe the number of jobs will improve, while 24% think it will get worse.

3. Manufacturing
Manufacturing gigs come in at a fairly close third, with 9,344 listings. Employee outlook dips a bit, with 36% believing the sector's number of available jobs will increase, and 27% thinking it will get worse.

4. Health care
Taking a huge dip in the fourth spot is the healthcare industry, with 5,629 available jobs. Nearly 33% of employees in the field think it will improve, while 30% say it will get worse.

5. Finance
Rounding out the top five is the finance sector, with 3,756 employers hiring. Bringing back some optimism, about 40% of employers say things will improve, while 24% think the opposite.

6. Retail
Considering the popularity of buying and selling goods, retail is in the bottom half of this list, with 3,695 employers hiring. Approximately 31% of employee think things will get better, while 29% do not.

7. Accounting and legal
These two fields go hand-in-hand on Glassdoor, with 3,640 employers hiring — meaning that retail just barely beat out this sector. A positive 42% of employees say the field will improve, while 22% say it will get worse.

8. Construction, repair and maintenance
This trifold sector saw 2,181 employers hiring as of May 18. About 41% of employees think the field will get better, while 26% say it will get worse.

9. Media
Nearly closing out the list is the media sector, which saw 1,888 employers posting at least one job listing. Approximately 34% of employers think the sector will improve, while 31% believe it will get worse.

10. Restaurants, bars and food services
The culinary triumvirate arrives in 10th place, with 1,517 employers hiring in this sector. About 37% of employees can see things getting better, while 20% believe it will get worse.