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What are Online Learning Tools
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Online Learning Tools:Following are three major types of online learning tools: online classrooms, assistive technology, and apps
Online Classrooms
Today's students are comfortable and familiar with using the Internet to gain information about unknown topics. In the past a person would have gone to the library and referred to an encyclopedia for information. Today we pull smartphones out of our pockets and ask Google to tell us all about any topic. It is for that reason many students wish to facilitate some of their own learning rather than coming to school and waiting to learn at a teacher-led pace. There are three main types of online classrooms that teachers need to be aware of to meet their students' learning needs.

Assistive Technology
One of the greatest things about online learning tools is their ability to ease accessibility for students with physical and mental learning difficulties. Assistive technology tools are typically already built into programs and may require only a brief training on how to use.

Text-to-speech Programs
Most programs have text-to-speech features that help struggling readers by taking the written word and reading it aloud to them.

Proofreading Tools in Software
Although the concept of spelling and grammar checkers in word processing programs may not be that new, it is important that teachers instruct students on how to use them to increase the readability of their writing.