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Online Learning Tools
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11 Online Learning Tools For the Classroom:
Team projects are an essential aspect of modern education. With Wiggio, the collaboration in the classroom is more effective than ever. The workgroup app supports messaging, to-do lists, polls, calendars, and meetings. In addition, the students can use it to share different files.

TED talks became famous for the inspiration and knowledge they give us. TED-Ed is an educational platform that encompasses talks and other forms of materials aimed at teaching young students.
the videos are brief and they are usually animated. They cover topics from health, math, science, and many other subject areas. There are over 200,000 lessons created, and the best part is that teachers can create their own lessons to show in class.

This tool keeps all educational apps up-to-date. Instead of using different login information for all educational tools the students need, they can use Clever to log into all of them with a single set of credentials.

Teachers are always trying to motivate students to learn more, write more, and try more. Now, there’s an app for that. Whenever the students face a problem with an assignment or a lecture, Unstuck asks questions about the situation and categorizes the issue. Then, it suggests different approaches that lead them to action.

 With Bounce, the users can take a screenshot of a web page and take notes right on it. Then, they can send it to the teacher, who can review those notes. Better yet, the teacher can publish them on the class blog.

This online helps students enhance their academic writing skills. It’s suitable for use in the classroom, since the teachers can assign the topic and then connect the students with a professional writer, who will complete the project under instructions.

With Aurasma, the teacher and the students can assign a QR code to any object. Each of those QR codes will lead to a web page, which gives hints towards the solution of an assignment.

Quizlet allows teachers to create all kinds of quizzes related to the lectures. When the quizzes are fun and provided on a regular basis, the students stop perceiving them as something stressful.

Haiky Learning
The teacher can use Haiku Learning to share assignments, give feedback, share grades, and much more. Each student can install the app on their mobile device, so they will have access to the updates all the time.

 In the classroom, they can all use Studyblue to create flashcards for the upcoming tests. The teachers can emphasize the important parts of the material, so the students will be more effective during the studying process.

With this online tool, the teachers can create a members-only website that will serve as the Wikipedia of the class. All members can join discussions, share knowledge and documents, and work better together.