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25 Personal Development and Self Development Skills To Learn For Free

Started by Md. Anikuzzaman, June 05, 2018, 01:46:55 PM

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Md. Anikuzzaman

The present time is always the best time for reflection and attempts at self improvement and personal development.

Below, is a list of great ways to improve self development and personal development.

What is Personal Development and Self Development?

Lets look at when we try personal development or self development!

At new years, we make make promises and resolutions aimed at out personal development.

We often try to quit cigarettes, alcohol and be a better friend.

This is a matter of tradition to try to improve ones self.

If you've already broken all your resolutions for the New Year then now is the perfect time to set yourself some more achievable goals to improve your professional and personal life.

A good CV can make all the difference between landing an interview for that dream job, and being passed over.

Therefore, it can pay to sharpen up your CV writing skills.

This gives you a better chance to make a good first impression.

Learn a Language

In today's globalised business environment, being multi-lingual can be an invaluable personal asset and help with your self development.

While you can't expect to become fluent in another language within a matter of months, even knowing a little bit of another language can be useful in certain situations.

This list of 20 websites can be useful if you want to learn a language for free

Embracing Change for Personal Development

Change is constant, and often attempts to resist change can be futile.

It's better to embrace it when it comes along in the interests of personal development, so that you are better positioned to adapt to the new environment and seize the opportunities it presents.

Klout Score for Personal Development

Social media influence is all-important these days, and one of the most reliable measures of this is your Klout score.

To see yours, simply sign up to Klout and connect your social media accounts – and then investigate what you can do to improve it.

Giving Presentations Helps Personal Development

Presentations are a fact of life in many jobs, and by working on your presentation skills, you can transform this into a valuable professional asset to increase your self development.

This might entail working on your diction (see Clear Speech), your body language, and your public speaking skills.

If you would like to improve your presentation skills you can take a online course such as a MOOCs. Future learn, for example, providers users with fantastic courses.

Self-Promotion Ensures Self Development

If you can't sell yourself, how can you expect anyone to believe in you?

While those inclined to modesty might balk at the prospect of bigging themselves up, it's a vital skill in a number of scenarios such as job interviews, sales presentations, and pitches.

So it's worth getting better at highlighting your strengths without coming across as big headed. Will not making a personal website where you can blog about your expertise ?

Arguing Constructively Enhances Personal Development

Arguments can be terribly destructive and detrimental to your personal development, but if you approach them in the right way, they can be a force for good.

The key is to learn how to argue constructively, which often means keeping emotions in check and showing greater consideration for the views of others.

Interview Technique

Job interviews can be harrowing experiences, but you can take great strides towards performing well in them just by brushing up on your interview technique.

The internet is full of tips on how to do this.

Time Management

It's easy to waste time if you haven't got a clear plan of how you are going to assign it to various tasks.

By employing time-management techniques, you can improve your punctuality and professionalism, while making more time for the things that are really important to you.

There are fantastic apps to help you with this, such as this time clock app.


Some believe creativity can't be learned, but everyone has some capacity for it – it just might be well hidden.

There are plenty of exercises and activities that can be employed to foster a more creative mindset, which can be valuable in a number of professional and personal situations.

Never forget how business is linked with creativity.

What can you do to foster it and bring it to your work environment?

Clear Speech

Being able to speak clearly, making sure that words are properly enunciated and given the right energy, is an underrated talent, and one that can be especially useful when giving presentations or attending interviews.

By learning a few tricks, and doing a bit of practice on your own time, you can improve on this vital aspect of your communication skills.

Dressing Better Allows Self Development

There is a definite art to dressing well, and if you can master it, it will help to create a much more positive first impression when you meet influential people, such as potential employers or clients.

You don't need to splash out on expensive suits – it's often simply a case of finding clothes that fit you well, and have a degree of colour co-ordination.

Eating Healthily Enables Personal Development

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and if you don't give yourself the right fuel, you won't be in the right shape to achieve your personal and professional goals.

You don't need to go on a crazy diet – just take a few steps to improve the nutritional quality of the food you do eat, and cut down on unhealthy snacks.

Exercise for Self Development

Energy is the key to productivity, and by exercising regularly, you can boost your energy levels significantly.

Start by setting achievable goals, such as walking 10,000 steps per day or getting out of breath at least twice a week.

Learn an Instrument

Playing an instrument can be a lot of fun, and can certainly help you  to unwind and focus after a long day at the coalface.

Also, it can improve your brain function, especially spatial awareness and co-ordination, so you may find it has a beneficial knock-on effect on your professional performance.


If your job involves sitting in a chair all day, you need to do something to get those joints flexing and the blood pumping.

Yoga is one of the most effective, and beneficial forms of exercise, and it can be done easily at home using free instructional videos.

Written Communications

No matter what your skill level as a writer, everyone has room to improve their written communication skills.

This is especially important in an age where text-based communication via email.

Social media, and SMS has become a lot more important in many cases than verbal communication.

Finding Your Excitement

Being stuck in a rut can be bad news for your motivation levels.

The key to self-motivation is to find things that genuinely excite you, and pursue them.

This involves being honest with yourself about the things that you really find stimulating, and trying to gear your professional life towards including more of these aspects.

Embracing Mistakes Allows Personal Development

Everyone makes mistakes, and at the very least you can always learn from them.

Also, in many lines of work, it's more important to have the freedom to make mistake.

This is rather than erring on the side of caution all the time .

Although this advice obviously doesn't apply if you drive or operate heavy machinery for a living!


Optimism can be a huge energising force, both for yourself and the people around you.

By cultivating a relentlessly positive attitude, you can make yourself more productive, more approachable, and more productive.

After all, positive things happen to positive people.

Stopping Bad Habits Increases Your Personal Development

The New Year is often a time when people attempt to give up bad habits via New Year's Resolutions .

But, only to break them shortly after which inhibits your personal development and lowers your confidence.

In general, it's better to make small improvements to your lifestyle one at a time, rather than trying to cut out several bad habits at once.


Becoming self-aware is a long process, but by knowing yourself.

You will be much better placed to make the right decisions about your professional and personal life.

This enables personal development on the highest levels.

There are lots of things you can do to promote self-awareness in yourself.

For example, by filling out personality tests or brainstorming.

Listening Enables Personal Development

Being a good listener is the key to successful verbal communication.

Yet, many of us drift off when others are talking, fail to give our full attention, and even talk over people when one of our own thoughts bubbles to the surface.

By getting good at listening, you can markedly improve the quality of your communications with others, and be better positioned to respond when it is your turn to speak.