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Management and Personal Development Skills

Started by Md. Anikuzzaman, June 05, 2018, 01:37:18 PM

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Md. Anikuzzaman

Our instructors all possess a real depth of experience as either ex-industry practitioners or skilled training professionals.

Management and Leadership

Building High Performance Teams
Coaching Skills
Conducting Effective Appraisals
Effective Delegation
Inspiring Leadership
Leading Your Team Through Change
Managing Virtual Teams
Motivating Your Team
Recruiting and Selecting Top Talent
The Role of the Manager

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills
Business Writing Skills
Creating the Impact You Want
Cultural Awareness
Developing Assertiveness Skills
Effective Communication
Handling Difficult Situations and Conflict
Influencing Skills
Interviewing Skills
Negotiation Skills
Powerful Proposals
Report Writing Skills
Train the Trainer

Relationship Management Skills

Building Client Relationships
Global Client Service
Managing Client Expectations

Personal Effectiveness

Conducting Effective Meetings
Managing Change
Performing Under Pressure
Pitching Skills
Strategic Thinking
Creative Thinking
Prioritization and Time Management
Successful Networking