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Law-Related Careers in Real Estate & Housing

Started by Noor E Alam, May 19, 2018, 11:29:49 AM

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Noor E Alam

Real estate has its ups and downs.  That means there are opportunities for aspiring lawyers seeking an alternative to traditional real estate law practice where they can nevertheless use their legal knowledge and experience productively.  Such opportunities have rebounded since the Great Recession and the possibilities are growing in number and diversity.

What the Jobs Are – Representative Job Titles
The following list is a selection of law-related real estate/housing job titles.
Acquisition Agent
Community Development Block Grant Coordinator
Development Specialist
Director of Real Estate
Fair Housing Community Educator
Fair Housing Test Coordinator
Housing Advocate
Housing Authority Director/Professional
Housing Programs Administrator
Housing Services Planner
Land Agent
Land Acquisition Manager
Land Law Examiner
Landman (Oil & Gas)
Land Manager
Land Preservation Director
Land Protection Director/Specialist
Lease Administrator
Lease Negotiator
Real Estate Auction Project Manager
Real Estate Representative
Real Estate Specialist – Acquisition Litigation
Real Estate Strategist
Realty Specialist/Officer
Register of Deeds
Right-of-Way Agent
Right-of-Way Manager
Tenant's Broker
Title Examiner
Title/Closing Agent
Transmission Right-of-Way Specialist
Zoning Administrator