Author Topic: Human Resource Management Today and The Scope of HRM  (Read 1066 times)

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Human Resource Management Today and The Scope of HRM
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Poole (1990) started that today’s HRM could be described as broad and strategic, involving all managerial personnel, valuing employees as important assets of organizations, and being proactive in its responsibilities. Moreover, today human resource functions refer to those tasks and duties performed in both large and small organizations to coordinate human resources (Byars & Rue, 1991). These functions of human resource management activities can be listed as follows:

To ensure that the organization apply equal employment opportunities and other government obligations.
To conduct job analysis to specify different requirements of jobs in an organization.
To identify personnel requirements that led the organization to achieve its objectives.
To develop and implement a plan that meet personnel and job requirements.
To recruit employees needed by the organization in order to achieve its objectives.
To select personnel in order to fill vacant positions within an organization.
To provide orientation and training to the employees.
To design and implement management and organizational development programs.
To design and implement performance appraisal systems to evaluate employee performance.
To assist employees in developing career plans.
To design and implement compensation systems for employees.
To mediate the relationship between organizations and its units.
To design systems for discipline and grievance handling.
To develop employee communication systems.
To develop employee health and safety programs
The present study aim to cover all of the HRM activities mentioned above.