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10 Tips for Improving Wildlife Photography
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:33:21 PM »
10 Tips for Improving Wildlife Photography

Ever since digital SLR technology has become more readily available, more and more people have become photography enthusiasts, and more and more photography enthusiasts have started venturing into a genre previously reserved for only a select few…Wildlife Photography. It seems that this field, in conjunction with Landscape Photography, has really seen a huge growth spurt in these last few years…at least as it pertains to the amount of people practicing them as serious hobbyists or budding professionals. This is especially true in my native country of South Africa, where it’s long been many a family’s tradition to visit legendary self-drive safari locations such as the Kruger National Park. Having neighbouring countries like Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe also doesn’t affect this trend negatively!

Here is a quick overview of the points I will cover in this post:

1. Know your gear

2. Know your subject

3. Know the “rules” | Break the “rules”

4. Work the light

5. Shoot wider | Shoot Closer

6. The More, the Merrier

7. How low can you go???

8. The Content-Technicals Dichotomy

9. Patience isn’t a virtue…it’s a necessity


These are the points I try to cover when leading a photographic safari or presenting a workshop as well. Take note that I include the genre of Bird Photography in my definition of Wildlife Photography.
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