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Marketing Practice
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Marketing Practice
Green Marketing
Green marketing is marketing of products that are ecofriendly and don’t damage the environment. To make a product ecofriendly, there is a wide range of activities to be performed like product modification, change in production techniques, change in packaging, etc.

Green marketing appeals to environment-concerned consumers and it also reflects the business ethics of an organization.

Services Marketing
Services marketing is marketing of service-related businesses.

It is marketing of some activity or experience provided by the business. While marketing such services, the focus should be on the value of delivery and reputation of the organization.

Components of Services Marketing
Services marketing has grown rapidly over the years. In this segment, the quality of service has great importance for attracting and retaining customers. The following are the components of service marketing −

#Knowing the features of the service

#Shaping the service accordingly

#Targeting the present and potential customers

#Target advertising

#Price determination

#Promotional requirements

#Creating an efficient delivery system

#Evaluating quality of service

#Determining effectiveness of the product mix and using it efficiently

#Collecting customers’ reviews for improvement in service