Author Topic: Advance Workshop on Stress Management, Mind Mapping and Workplace Performance!  (Read 2850 times)


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Facilitator Profile:

Syed M Rahman Faculty Member Business Administration & Economics & coordinator - Career Development Center (CDC) Daffodil International University.Now he is working as Artistic Director,TREE Foundation Ltd. Syed M Rahman is an MSc in Economics from Jahangirnagar University, MA in Drama (Direction) from Rabindra Bharati University, India and Diploma in film direction from National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (NIFFA), India and a trained Social Therapist from ESI, USA. His Institutional learning with economics, drama and psychology has given an opportunity to explain how people can improve quality life through effective lifetime performance with minimum psychological interventions.On his return, he joined an advertising agency as Executive Creative, and later as audio-visual officer, Directorate of Non-formal Education, Ministry of Education, GOB. Both and some other jobs with private organization, national and international NGOs have helped him to understand power of performance to develop human and expand market.

In 1999, he along with some dynamic young people established TREE, Theatre for Research Education and Empowerment with aim to fully exploit the potential of theatre as a means of research, education and empowerment.In his 15 years working experience, he visited India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Korea, UAE, USA, Brazil, Zambia, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany,  Italy, Australia and so on for academic, job, training and conference purposes. Traveling a more than 20 countries around the world, meeting extreme marginalized community to so called wealthy people, serving grassroots initiative to International donor and service providers given light to create synergy of experiential and conceptual learning. Teaching at university level and evolving human potential through Career Development Center(CDC) now became a passion for Mr. Rahman at Daffodil International University.
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