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HR Practice: When and how to negotiate and close
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When and how to negotiate and close

Have you ever counted on a hire only to have it blow up in your face? It took me losing several deals to finally master the art of negotiating and closing, which I plan to cover. You need to anticipate the future actions of your candidates. The only way to do that is to pre-close because information continues to change. A first interview is very similar to a first date. Think about a first date. You're very guarded, you're not going to necessarily tell the person your faults or your credit card bills. That pretty much describes a first interview.

Candidates don't know you, you're a stranger they don't know or trust. So as the relationship continues, the information will get more honest and more thorough and it will change. You always want to ask the same questions, and there are certain questions that we need to know. The reasons for them making a change, what must be there, what's most important to them, and you have to consistently ask the same questions of every candidate you interview, or you're never going to be able to compare two people.