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Aerial Photography Job Description

Started by Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU), April 20, 2017, 08:31:59 PM

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Reyed Mia (Apprentice, DIU)

Aerial Photography Job Description

Aerial photographers take pictures from the air, usually from helicopters or small airplanes. They often work for real estate developers and architects, who rely on aerial photos when evaluating potential locations and marketing their properties. They need training in photography, strong spatial skills and in-depth knowledge of photography equipment, editing techniques and photo-editing software.

Education and Training

Aerial photographers don't need formal academic credentials, though some have college degrees in photography. Others start their careers by working as assistants to experienced aerial photographers, who teach them the creative and technical aspects of the profession. Some complete short-term training such as seminars and workshops focusing on specific facets of aerial photography. The tour agency Photo Workshop Adventures, for example, offers half-day and full-day workshops in aerial photography and video designed for both students and professional photographers.

Aviation Knowledge

While some aerial photographers are also pilots, it's not necessary to have a pilot's license. Instead, many aerial photographers rent airplanes or helicopters and hire pilots for assignments. Even if they don't pilot, however, they need some aviation knowledge, including an understanding of how planes operate and the limitations associated with taking photographs from a moving aircraft. They rely on this knowledge to help them determine what kinds of cameras and other equipment they need to capture clear, detailed photographs from mid-air.

Technological Requirements

In addition to photography skills, creativity and an eye for composition, aerial photographers need a mastery of the job's technical requirements. This includes knowing which camera lenses and other accessories to use, shooting in sometimes challenging conditions and determining the best lighting and angle from which to photograph a landscape. They must also understand digital photography and how to use photo-editing software programs. Photographers who use film-based cameras must also know how to develop their photos.


Many aerial photographers are self-employed and work alone, so they must handle every aspect of an assignment by themselves. This frequently includes hauling heavy photographic equipment, which means they must be in good physical shape. They also need good eyesight, and can't have a fear of heights, motion sickness or other physical conditions that would make it difficult for them to spend much of their time at high altitudes. In addition, those who work for themselves must understand that not only photography, but also marketing, finance and the other administrative duties are associated with the job.

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