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Direct Marketing Versus Indirect Marketing
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Direct Marketing Versus Indirect Marketing

There are many factors to reflect upon when considering small business advertising and marketing strategies. We can’t all be advertising geniuses and entrepreneurs. Fortunately, developing a basic understanding of the underlying and governing principles of advertising and marketing is simple enough; in doing so, it is likely that you will discover that you are much more familiar with some of the mechanics of marketing and advertising than you even thought. Let’s begin by examining the two major forms of marketing strategy: direct marketing and indirect marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

In essence, direct marketing is an advertising strategy that aims to target a specific audience or consumer profile and succeed in stimulating that group to engage and respond directly to the product or service being marketed. Direct marketing also aims to measure the response to any directly marketed materials. Traditionally, direct marketing strategies and campaigns have included telemarketing, flyer distribution, coupon printing, and direct mailing. Today, we see many direct marketing campaigns that use the internet and mobile technology to engage with consumers online; examples of this include: direct text messaging marketing, email “mail-out” distribution, and targeted online advertising.

What is Indirect Marketing?

Indirect marketing differs from direct marketing as it typically involves a third-party distributor or seller. This is how the majority of us purchase most of our consumer goods. Typically, indirect marketing does not aim to achieve the highly specific consumer audience as direct marketing does. A good example of indirect marketing advertising is that of the traditional storefront window display where a specific product may be displayed prominently within in a retailer’s commercial space. The retailer’s commercial space is what separates the product being sold from the consumer; therefore it is considered to be indirect.
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