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Learning Secret: Happiness!
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:26:25 PM »
Learning is part of our lives and we learn a lot of things in order to survive in life. We learn generally two ways: freely and forcefully. When we learn something out of our own choice, we learn freely and when we learn something because we have to, its forcefully. No matter what we learn and how we learn, we always want to know if we have truly learned it or not and to know it we put ourselves into different tests. Which, sometimes can be frustrating. Worry not...for there is one more way to know whether you are learning or not.

Remember learning is part of our lives and learning makes us happy. Yes, this is the key to know if you are learning or not. When we learn something, it instantly put a smile in our face and its always visible. You can see it happen to people of all ages. They may put a lot of time and efforts into learning something but if they are not happy about it learning won't happen. On the other hand, if they feel good about something, they learn it faster. I repeat, learning is happiness. You can't be all bored of something and expect to learn it. You know you're learning when you are happy about it and when you've finally learnt it, it becomes visualized by making you smile.

Isn't that interesting? You can even test it out! Just go to, search a tutorial on a topic you are interested to and willing to learn, watch the video and notice that if you have learned it, you will have a visible smile in your face. It may happen even if you attend a class and if your teacher's lecture or teaching have really taught you something, you will have the same smile in your face which comes out of the happiness you are feeling because you have learnt it.

So we may conclude saying, happiness is the secret key to learning. So when you are trying to learn something always try to notice if its making you happy or not. If it's not making you happy, you are not learning it or will take more time for you to learn it and if it's making you happy then you are learning and will require a lot less time to learn it. It is also an important factor to be considered for teaching. If your students are having a happy time while you are teaching they will learn a lot faster than they would from a boring lecture. So go out there and try it for yourself. Happy learning people!
Khondker Mohammad Shah - Al - Mamun