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Teaching Tips
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Teaching Tips

This regularly updated feature provides valuable suggestions for improving your students? learning through a variety of fresh and usable teaching approaches. Each tip includes select references and resources if you wish to explore a topic further.
Using Background Knowledge Probes

Using BKPs can help when planning course organization and depth
Understanding where students come from and what they already know can help you plan the organization of your course and the pace, something your students want and need!

Teaching with Debate

Debate can enhance critical thinking, public speaking skills, and student engagement.
Teaching with debate can be effective in enhancing critical thinking, but how can we bring debate into the classroom effectively?  This article will dive into choosing debate topics, how to set up the debate, and how to format the debate. 

Encouraging Students to Ask Questions

How to ask questions that will elicit response.
We've all been there.  The silence after the question you asked.  Sure, sometimes those students are just not paying attention, but oftentimes, the way the question is asked can encourage or discourage quality answers.  This short tip gives one way to rearrange your question asking.

More than Just the Last Day of Class

How to synthesize and celebrate at the same time on the last day of class.
Students want pizza.  Professors want to know that their students have learned something during the semester.  How to synthesize and celebrate at the same time on the last day of class.

Five Guidelines for Teaching with Transfer in Mind

Helping students transfer knowledge and understand material with these 5 tips!
What to do about the following, all-too-common statement: ?We?ve reviewed this type of problem in class many, many times. Then I change a few details and my students act like they have never seen it before!?

How to Weave Creative Thinking into the Institutional Fabric

How do you make systematic changes to make way for creativity?
Eveyone these days is constantly talking about how we need more creativity in school, but no one really knows how to do it.  Learn how some schools are making big changes on the creativity front. 

Student Learning By Doing

What is active learning and resources to do it well!
Students learn by doing, and this tip provides several resources so that you can do it well!  Check out these websites and apps!

How Accurate are Your Assumptions about the Students in Your Class?

When was the last time you checked the assumptions you had about the students in your classes?
Holding faulty assumptions about student comprehension and motivation is cited as the second-most common mistake by instructors of large classes.  In this article, we address how you can check your assumptions against the actual understanding of your students. 

Facts and Fantasies about How Students Learn

"Learning styles" aren't real. Find out what is.
There is a common misconception that individuals have specific "learning styles."  While there is some preference, the evidence does not actually support the idea that they learn better when they learn according to their preference.  Here we have listed some specific learning strategies.

Using Bloom?s Taxonomy as a Framework for Student-led Discussions

Creating stronger discussions through helping students understand Bloom's Taxonomy.
Helping students understand Bloom's Taxonomy as it relates to classroom discussions can help to create stronger and more dynamic discussions.  The students will be able to frame their comments in terms of the taxonomy.

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