Author Topic: 20 Signs Your Boss May Hate You  (Read 176 times)


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20 Signs Your Boss May Hate You
« on: August 24, 2020, 10:59:38 AM »

Here are the 20 signs your boss may hate you -

1. You have a gut feeling- If you feel like your boss doesn't like you and they treat you differently than everyone else, it may be true. Trust your gut and look for other signs.

2. They exclude you- When they don't include you in big decisions related to your sphere of influence, it may be because your boss doesn't trust your opinion.

3. They don't look at you- It's difficult for a boss who is angry to look you straight in the eye. They may look away or avoid you so you don't detect their hostility.

4. They don't smile at you- We're not talking about the occasional mood swing. If your boss makes a conscious effort to not smile when you're in the room, something isn't right.

5. They micromanage you- Though some bosses micromanage out of personal insecurity, it could also be because they don't trust you. It may even resemble bullying.

6. They avoid you- You may notice they always take the stairs when you're waiting for the elevator, or they manage their schedule in a way so that you rarely overlap.

7. They ignore you- If your boss doesn't say "Good morning" when you arrive, or, "Have a great night" on their way out, they may be telling you they don't like you.

8. They're short with you- If they respond to your questions with "Ok" or "Fine" - or if their emails don't begin with a friendly "Hello" or "Good afternoon," this may be a sign they don't like you.

9. Their bad body language- Whether it's a subtle eye roll, crossed arms, or they don't look up from their screen when you approach them, their body language is often truthful.

10. They're impersonal- If your boss doesn't like you, they'll probably try to limit their in-person communication with you and communicate primarily via email.

11. Their door is closed- If your manager has an office and their door is always closed, it may be that they're actively trying to limit their interactions with you.

12. They disagree with you- If your boss shuts down every idea you pitch or disagrees with everything you say (but doesn't do this with others), that's a good sign they secretly hate you.

13. They're all business- If your boss speaks with everyone else about their kids or hobbies, but never brings up these topics with you, they're probably just not interested in your life.

14. They give "busy work”- If your boss only gives you menial tasks well below your level of experience, it's a sign they don't respect your abilities, or that they're trying to push you out.

15. They have no feedback- A boss who wants to help you grow will provide feedback —good and bad. Not giving any feedback is a sign they don't care about your future.

16. They embarrass you- Openly criticizing your efforts or ideas in a meeting is a huge sign of disrespect. If your boss publicly embarrasses you, chances are they don't like you.

17. They're unfriendly- Office banter and humor shows that you're part of the team. It's a sign they don't like you if you're excluded from friendly ribbing.

18. They steal your ideas- Though some bosses steal credit for their employees' ideas regardless, if they really hate you, they may refuse to give you any credit for your hard work or ideas.

19. They reassign your work- It's always discouraging when a high visibility project you're invested in gets reassigned, however if you notice this happening often, it's a bad sign.

20. They have no patience- If your boss seems disinterested in what you have to say, or has a shorter attention span for you than anyone else, they probably just don't like you very much.