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Title: Major demands for land reform
Post by: Noor E Alam on May 19, 2018, 12:52:26 PM
For land reform, the agriculture workers organizations have the following major demands[32]:

Stop transformation of agricultural land for other uses; the national land use policy needs to be finalized upholding the rights of agriculture laborers. First and foremost, in zoning of land, National Agricultural Policy should be followed. Land in the rural area under agriculture should not be used for any other purpose;
Government should establish a land commission to identify the accurate amount of khas land;
Land policy towards chars should give high priority that all accreted new chars are undertaken by the government and protected from illegal occupation of land grabbers;
All char lands that are still under occupation of land grabbers should be recovered immediately and distributed among landless households;
The committee for the identification of khas land should be reorganized. The representatives of peasants’ organization, khetmajur (agricultural labor), political parties, NGOs, school teachers should be included in the committees at all levels.
The land reform policy should be on the basis of land for the tenants; policy should permit immediate distribution of khas land among the genuine landless.
Eviction of slum dwellers and the rural landless from khas land should be stopped and they should be fast rehabilitated as promised.
List of grabbers of khas land and khas waterbodies should be regularly updated and published; Occupation and filling of khas land, water body, jalmahal in the name of real estate business or housing should be strictly prohibited.
Provisions should be made permitting regular publishing of information pertaining to the problems of identification of khas land in the daily Bangla Newspapers, TV, Radio and the same should be disseminated up to the grassroots level.
All khas land distributed should be recovered from the illegal occupants, as soon as possible.
Measures should be taken to minimize the influence of the local influentials and officials in the committee who exercise corrupt practice.
Reduce the amount of ceiling of land up to 35 bighas;
Khas waterbodies should be distributed based on principle “waterbody to the fishermen”: Land use policy should assign high priority in identification and regular updating of information about khas water-bodies by geographical areas;
Implementation of rights of sharecroppers and land reform ordinance 1984.