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Title: The 7 Most Despised Work Personalities: Annoying Work Personalities Disorders th
Post by: grace.cdc on August 19, 2020, 09:41:17 AM
Professionalism, cooperation, dedication, skills, hard work etc. are the most important things for achieving any success, especially when we work as a team. When we work as a tem, every team member needs to show a professional attitude and cooperation so that everyone feels comfortable to work together. But sometimes we find some of our team members who have some “Annoying Work Personality Disorder” which makes our team work harder.


Here are the 7 Most Despised Work Personalities that kill the productivity of the whole team -

1. The Loner: The antisocial person who doesn't like to interact or share anything with his or her team members at all. Their refusal to interact or be a “team player” creates unnecessary team divides and silos, which make it harder for their team to get things done efficiently.

2. The Slacker: The slackers never seem to get things done on time. They always miss the deadlines and never take anything seriously. Even they have been caught sleeping at work on several occasions. This person can not be relied on.

3. The Oversharer: Sharing is good but oversharing is harmful. Some people always overshare intimate details about their life and constantly post awkwardly private things on Social Media. Now, if only you could get them to be that detailed and consistent about updating their work status!

4. The Excessive Emailer: The Excessive Emailers live for email. They love to CC anybody and everybody and unnecessarily click reply All to almost every email thread. They don’t bother about the progress or outcome but only focus on writing a long email . They’re the main reason your inbox is packed, making your waste hours trying to sift through what;s important and what’s not.

5. The complainer:  The Complainer always has something to complain about and never has suggestions for solutions. No matter what the issue is, they always have something to complain about. Their negativity about work brings the whole office down and depletes motivation.

6. The Flattery: There are some people who always say “yes” in an attempt to impress their boss and coworkers so when they don’t get things done there are never repercussions because the boss still operates under the illusion that they had a crazy workload.

7. The Antagonist: This person always finds a way to contradict what you say, No matter what you do, you’re wrong and they know best. They’ll even make things up just to sound like they know what they’re talking about. Unwilling to compromise or collaborate because they think everything should be their way. Impossible to agree on things and get work done.