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Eight (8) Steps to an incredible candidate experience

Started by Doha, July 31, 2021, 06:51:57 PM

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Eight Steps to an incredible candidate experience  ::)

By- Joe of Brazen Technologies

Eight  steps to creating an incredible candidate experience operation...

a. Audit your existing recruiting funnel by putting yourself in your candidates' shoes. Visit your LinkedIn page, your career site, and fill out an application. You're bound to find major bumps in the road. This is your low hanging fruit.

b. Make changes to the obvious gaps, leaks, or problems in your process. Move to step three because now the fun begins.

c. If you don't already, measure. Measure conversion rates from stage to stage, speed to hire, quality of candidates, and number of new hires that have been with the organization for more than year (retention matters, too!). Later, you'll come back to these these numbers and use them as a benchmark.

d. Conduct a candidate experience survey with past candidates. Ask them about their satisfaction with the process. Ask them to rate timeliness, your career site, your JDs, the follow up emails, etc. Make sure you survey candidates that were hired, not hired, as well as candidates that received an offer but didn't accept.

e. Conduct focus groups with candidates to add color and narrative to the results of the survey. Later, you'll use the language of candidates, the words that come out of their mouths, to help you build out a better process that resonates with the people you are trying to hire.

f. With data and insights in hand, it's time to return to the process that you built, tweaking and breaking and editing and reconfiguring where the candidates lead you. Their feedback is your currency. Use it to pay for the upgrades your process demands.

g. We circle back to the start. Well, step number three, to be exact. You've made your changes but the measurement never stops. Made a change to your interview follow email? How many more candidates responded? How many more opened the email? How many more came back to the next step in the process? The numbers tell you whether the changes are working.

And every so often, let's say once a quarter, you start back at step #1. Put yourself in your candidates' shoes and start the entire process again. Incremental, interactive, and incredible changes are in store for you and your candidates. Changes your candidates will love.

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