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Develop a Strong Impression Through Résumé

Started by Doha, March 24, 2021, 09:36:08 PM

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Develop a Strong Impression Through Résumé

Source: Skill Jobs Blog Post

Welcome to Career Article Zone ( and the 'navigator' of Career Development Center (CDC), Daffodil International University, your handy resource in starting your career.

Where do I start? How do I write a good résumé ? How do I excel in interviews? How does the web approach work? These are some of the many questions you probably would ask yourself when looking for a job. As you go through the INTERVIEW GUIDE, you will find comfort in knowing exactly what to do with yourself.

'Act as a Salesperson and the product that you are bringing to market is yourself'

Developing a strong impression on your résumé  and during an interview involves knowing your product – which is yourself. Remember that you are now acting as a salesperson and the product that you are bringing to market is yourself.

You can start by creating a strong "profile" about yourself. A profile can be used as the opening statement on your résumé , replacing the typical "objective" statement and it can also be tailored to create an introduction about yourself when networking. A profile provides a summary of your skills and identifies your unique qualities and strengths, which help to market you to the employer.

When writing a profile, consider the following questions:

Who am I? i.e. Oracle Developer, Business Analyst or Project Manager
What do I like to do? i.e. having day to day contact with people, work independently, work in a team environment
What are my skills and abilities? i.e. troubleshooting, organizing, promoting, record keeping
What type of work have I done in the past?
What type of work would I like to do in the future?

An example of a profile statement would be: An innovative software developer with 15 years experience with one of Canada's leading software firms. Extensive experience in total life cycle management with software development projects. A self starter with a unique flair to plan and organize assignments and manage people.

Also consider your personal characteristics. For example, are you adaptable, friendly, have good judgment, a hard worker, likable, tolerant, flexible? Are you competitive, punctual, reliable, and thorough, with high energy and decisive?

Consider your skills. A skill or aptitude, is something you use to perform a task, or in playing a role. There are three types of skills, namely functional or transferable skills, specific work content skills, and self-management skills.

Functional skill: usually obtained as either an innate talent that comes naturally to you that has been honed by education, experience, or specific training. These skills are also transferable; you can easily take these skills from one job or task to another and apply them to the project you set out to do. Examples would be coaching, editing, analyzing, or delegating.

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Work content skill: usually obtained through training, apprenticeship, or on-the-job. Examples would be accounting, driving, hairdressing, or engineering.

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Self-Management skills: usually developed in early years at school, through peers, among family. Also referred to as adaptive skills. Examples would be dependability, punctuality, flexibility, and sense of humour.

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