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Marketing strategies that generate real estate sales
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Using exceptional, professional and consistent marketing for all listings is a sure way for a real estate agent to generate new listings, as well as promote and sell the property they’ve been hired to sell.

Based on 20 years of experience and as a “Top 1% Realtor” in the U.S., enjoy my top five marketing tips that are guaranteed to help you increase your residential real estate sales.

It doesn’t matter if a Realtor is marketing a $300,000 home or a multimillion-dollar home; all properties should get the same professional attention. Of course, with a more expensive property, there will be more to market.

Marketing every property the same regardless of the price is the cornerstone of our business. Presenting a property regardless of its list price is important for three reasons:

You will attract more buyers to the home.
A potential seller may hire a Realtor based on the marketing and advertising presented.
It will catch the eye of other agents who will point the home out to their buyers.
People are watching the quality of work an agent produces, and our signature marketing is one of the key elements and the value proposition we offer our clients.

Here are my top five marketing strategies to attract buyers to properties:

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1. A professional rendering is ideal for specific types of marketing.

Often a photograph does not replicate as well in the newspaper as does a sketch. A rendering or sketch is crisp and clear and presents much better than a photograph printed on the pages of a black-and-white newspaper, not to mention the good possibility that it might smudge. A sketch is also an excellent way to market a property even before the exterior has been painted and the garden landscaped. It’s easy for the illustrator to embellish the — let’s say — white flowers, even before they are planted.

2. Property-specific websites are key.

Each property should have a website with its own dedicated property-specific Web domain or address, such as The goal is to make it easy for both buyers and agents to locate.

3. Professional photography is imperative.

Each listing, no matter the price point, should utilize professional photography. Photographs draw people in or will turn people away. Professional photographs can be used online, featured on the company website, on a personal website, on a multitude of Internet platforms, and utilized extensively in social media, as well as in brochures, fliers, blogs, postcards, editorials and a variety of print advertising, marketing, branding and more.

Maintaining a property library is another reason to hire a professional photographer because it is important for future marketing. In the bustling, hectic world of the Internet and the vast impact of social media, both are nonnegotiable tools. Proper, luxurious and high-quality advertising is imperative to an agent’s brand and the portrayal of the property they are marketing.

4. Print marketing should not be overlooked.

Print marketing utilizing professional photography is also vital. Just listed and just sold postcards, quarterly market reports customized for a particular neighborhood and other image-rich and colorful brochures are key to creating and maintaining a professional brand no matter the price point.

Multiple listing sheets printed on low-quality copy paper should never be used in brochure boxes attached to a for-sale sign instead of a glossy brochure. Keeping your brand consistent is crucial. Print marketing is also critical to reach those who do not use the Internet. My mom, for instance, does not email or surf the Web, so print is still important, alive and well, even in today’s high tech-world.

5. Internet marketing is a must.

A well-presented online presence is key to reaching the masses, so be sure what you put out on the Internet is not only beautiful, but intrigues and interests your audience so that they linger a little longer, share your information, or message and visit again.

6. Here’s a bonus tip.

Additionally, I have included tip No. 6, which is reserved for true luxury properties. This might be described as a home that is more expensive, provides more aspects to market and generates more intrigue — features might include a swimming pool, tennis court, grand public rooms, a ballroom or extensive grounds situated on an expansive property, which are all aspects of a luxury property that give the photographer more to photograph and an agent more to market.

Two suggestions aside from the numerous photographs that you can generate is to host an evening party for neighbors and clients or a twilight tour for real estate agents — both are unique ways to showcase a property and meet potential clients. A party for the home is just another opportunity to market the home, before and after the event, while adding a significant number of high-quality photographs to your library for future blogs and social media postings.

The difference in thought process from one agent to another is their perspective: for me, a luxury listing is an “opportunity” to market a beautiful home now and for future business, and allows me to continue to build my brand; other agents believe “it’s just another expense.”

“A home truly is the life of the party,” I wrote in a blog after we hosted an evening cocktail party for friends, neighbors, Realtors and clients at one of our magnificent listings. A blog is just another avenue in which to market a listing — this time, through storytelling.

Many agents put a lot of work into obtaining a listing but then skimp on the marketing because, in their opinion, they don’t feel the investment is warranted, or they think they don’t need to because the property will sell without any monetary investment on their part. That line of thinking is simply wrong and narrow-minded.

To employ this strategy is tantamount to quitting just before the finish line and wastes a valuable opportunity for an agent to receive additional listings and attract potential buyers and agents to the home. An agent who goes the extra mile by utilizing all the tools in his or her arsenal will reap the benefits of his or her professionalism and meticulous presentation.

Source: Inman