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How to Create a Linkedin Profile Recruiters Love in 11 Easy Steps

Started by Doha, February 04, 2021, 04:46:39 PM

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How to Create a Linkedin Profile Recruiters Love in 11 Easy Steps

If you're serious about your career and you haven't already got an awesome Linkedin profile then its time to take some action. Here I'll show you how to create a Linkedin profile that recruiters love!

If you are looking for a new job and you haven't got a fantastic Linkedin profile you are reducing your chances of getting asked for interviews, getting the job you want and achieving the best salary package possible.

Don't underestimate the power of Linkedin and how you can create a Linkedin profile to show you are no 1 in your field. You have an opportunity to demonstrate how "KICK ASS" you are to the world. That's where I sing about my experience and get good jobs and that's where you could too.

Here 11 easy steps to create a Linkedin profile recruiters

First of all, here's why YOU need to be on LinkedIn:

1. Linkedin is the worlds most significant recruitment database – it's like joining the largest ever recruitment agency.

2. Recruiters can search and headhunt you – let the opportunities come to you!

3. People you meet in business will look you up – tell them how brilliant you are.

4. 73% of recruiters have hired through social media, and 79% was through Linkedin.

5. Line managers will vet you on Linkedin before interviewing you – the interview has already started before you even get your foot in the door.

And recruiters spend most of their day on Linkedin, so you need to be there too.

I was a number 1 recruiter for five years, so I know how recruiters and hiring managers think. This helps ME get the best jobs and achieve a good salary when I look for new contract Global Learning Manager roles. I share my job seeking advice with friends and colleagues, and I want to share it with you too.

How to get the job you want and earn more
In that post I share the inside track on how recruitment consultants and hiring managers use LinkedIn to decide if you are the perfect candidate and how much you are worth. Having a fantastic Linkedin profile is one of the things you need to become the perfect candidate and get hired on a good salary.

Linkedin is also a fabulous networking tool and an amazing place to keep in touch with colleagues and the people you meet in business.

When you create a Linkedin profile, the desired outcome is you want the recruiter and hiring manager to say "WOW she's perfect!"

How to create a Linkedin profile

All-time favorite tips:

How to create a Linkedin profile recruiters love in 11 easy steps:
1) Linkedin profile picture
Get a professional headshot. I know they can be expensive but you are investing in yourself, and you are worth it!!! Recruiters and hiring managers want to know that you can do the job, that's a given, but they also care that you give a hoot about the way you present yourself.

I say this a million times on these blog pages, and it's sooooo true, first impressions count for a heck of a lot in your job search.

Why wouldn't you want to give yourself the best-ever opportunity to get your dream job at the best possible salary?

Career girls it's time to get serious and show off your best self!

If you can't get a professional headshot then take one yourself and use these guidelines:

1. Take it indoors with good lighting
2. Go for a "you can trust me with all of your important work, and I am friendly too" look
3. Head and shoulders only
4. Wear something appropriate
5. Look at the camera
6. Smile
7. Make sure it's an accurate representation of you

2 ) LinkedIn banner
Your banner sits just above your profile photo and is the first thing that visitors see when they visit you on Linkedin.

Linkedin Banners are a brilliant way to get you noticed by recruiters. Having an amazing Linkedin Banner will help you to stand out from the competition by creating a visual impact when someone visits your Linkedin profile.

They are also a brilliant way to advertise what you do and add some of your personal branding touches to your profile.

Here's Gary Vaynerchuk's Linkedin Banner showing off his company.

If you present or do workshops you could have a picture of you presenting or in a work environment.

If you work as a secretary or administrator you could choose a lovely free photos of a laptop and flowers on Pexels or Pixabay and add your contact details, remember a professional email address. Or create a simple banner with your contact details.

You can create eye catching banners for Linkedin on Canva, and I've written a post to teach you how here:

5 Easy steps to create a Linkedin banner to get you noticed!
3) Create custom URL
Create custom URL is a brilliant way to build your professional personal brand! Most people don't know this exists, but you can use this to help recruiters find you. In your profile – look in the top right-hand corner and click "Edit public profile & URL" then top right again and click "Edit URL". Change those numbers to "yourname" and maybe like I have to "joclark-lifecoach" as people know who I am and they know me for working in the training industry.

Linkedin custom URL

Again, see Gary Vaynerchuk's here. It looks much more professional than those random numbers doesn't it? 2 minutes effort for maximum impact. It's soooo worth it, right? This is a double whammy as it can also help you to be found on google too.

4) Best Linkedin headlines
Recruiters will search for a role name like "Training Project Manager" so the best Linkedin headlines need to be searchable. Be specific about what you do. Get straight to the point as recruiters don't have time to guess if you right for the role, you need to tell them you are. Make the recruiters job easy for them.

5) You need an attractive LinkedIn summary
An attractive Linkedin summary needs to say that you are exactly what the recruiter is looking for so tell them why you are the best "insert your role here". Tell them how much experience you have and what you have achieved in previous roles and quantify in numbers where possible. Sing about your accomplishments as recruiters and hiring managers want to know that you are a girl that goes for it!!!

This is also a fabulous place to express your personal brand and if you are new to personal branding then check out my posts:

6 steps to identify your personal brand and why you need one
How to promote your personal brand to boost your earning potential
Remember to get your keywords in your Linkedin summary. What will recruiters be searching for to find you? Repeat the keywords a couple of times through your summary.

6) Hashtags
Hashtags are a thing on Linkedin now so add some relevant hashtags to create a Linkedin profile that wins every time. 3 or 4 hashtags that are keywords focused around the work you do or the industry you are in will work well.

7) Experience
Write 3 or 4 lines for each role summarising what you did and achieved. Use keywords, industry buzzwords and action words to describe what you did. Recruiters will match this to their job spec just like they would a resume so make sure the language you use will be similar to what they will see in their job spec.

If you're not sure what to write then go to the job sites and print off six job adverts that you would like to apply for and see what common language they use as a guide.

8) Skills and Endorsements
Add 6 of the skills that you want to be known for and ask some of your friends and colleagues to recommend you for these skills. Top tip – if you don't want to ask people directly then endorse the skills of some of your friends and colleagues and they should endorse your skills back.

9) Recommendations

This is where you can give your profile the "wow" factor. Recommendations are like references. These add a wealth of credibility to your profile.

Effectively the recruiter and hiring manager can hear from your previous managers and colleagues about all of the amazing work you do as soon as they read your Linkedin profile.

Go and ask your former managers to recommend you!

Get the tissues ready...I'm serious... watch this video to see how powerful recommendations from the people you work with can help you get your next dream job!

10) Contact details
Remember to add your contact details, email and phone number so that recruiters can contact you as soon as they find you. Professional email address only – this is your only chance to "WOW" the recruiter and hiring manager.

11) Add a resume to Linkedin

Did you know you can add a resume to Linkedin?

Yes you can as it's easy to upload docs to your Linkedin summary. If you are adding your resume make sure it's a killer one – see other blog posts below...

When you upload your resume then add this statement at the front of your Linkedin summary "See my resume linked at the bottom of this profile summary"

That's how to create a Linkedin profile recruiters love in 11 easy steps.

To upscale your skills and creating employment opportunities, visit