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How to Take Back Control of Your Life
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How to Take Back Control of Your Life

Everyone likes to feel in control of what they’re doing. Losing control, especially where money is concerned, can be catastrophic. One of the primary ways of maintaining a grip on proceedings is a budget.

By monitoring your debits and credits, it is possible to stay ahead of the stress curve, by ensuring that your expenses are kept under control. Of course, monetary control is exercised at the highest levels of government, with an annual budget.

The fund allocations are designed to meet the expenses for the year ahead, and any exigencies which may arise. During the course of the year, budget shortfalls may arise which may warrant further accommodations, or revisions of the budget.

From a Federal budget to a Personal budget, the self-same rationale is expected. Budgeting and self-control go hand-in-hand. Wanton expenditure is indicative of reckless personal behavior. It is necessary to exercise restraint, when appropriate to ensure control. All of this is done within the ambit of a strategic approach to life.

Business coaches, investment consultants, personal account managers, and stock trading gurus routinely advise clientele to use logic, not emotion. The same is true of competitive sports, skill-based games, and partnership building. Emotions are mercurial, and a proverbial rush of blood to the head can lead you in all the wrong directions.

When planning to take control of your life back, it’s always a good idea to reflect on what happened for you to lose control to begin with. Many of the worst decisions that people make are peppered with emotionally-based decision-making processes. Expensive purchases, hasty decisions, and unrealistic expectations are surefire ways to lose control in your life.

This goes to the heart of the issue – our self-belief. How you talk to yourself determines how you will interact with the world around you. Negative self-belief is likely to attract failure, while positive self-belief is likely to invite prosperity. It’s all a matter of perceptions and expectations.

Then there are the technical elements for consideration. Many of us focus on ourselves and how we can improve our mindset. This is certainly a viable approach to adopt, but there are multi-faceted elements to consider when learning to take control of your life.

Sometimes, instead of holding onto things and trying to fix them, it’s better to divest and let go of them. Struggling businesses routinely divest unprofitable business units. Much like an organism which is forced to sacrifice a gangrenous limb, businesses must also learn to let go when certain strategic changes need to be made. On a personal level, as a business owner, mental acuity is required to make those important decisions.

Increasing Productivity Through Time Management
Source: BlockSite – Stay Focused & Control Your Time

Determining what actions will yield profitable outcomes is indeed a technical consideration. Careful assessment of myriad factors comes into play, including cost considerations, revenue potential, and operational systems. From that perspective, it’s best to find ways of increasing productivity without increasing costs.

Businesses utilize all manner of equipment, machinery, vehicles, and systems to perform day-to-day functions. Of all the resources available to businesses, time is the only one which is limited.

Of course, better management of employees’ time yields greater productivity, provided the right balance has been struck. Businesses that work their employees too hard often end up with lower levels of productivity.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, Apple and other tech companies understand how important it is to carefully balance leisure time with productive time for optimal returns. There are several ways to do this, with software programs and applications readily available to help facilitate greater productivity. Among the leading increase productivity tool options, BlockSite remains a frontrunner. This tool allows people to stay focused & in control. This application is readily available on mobile devices – which are noted for causing significant productivity declines.

Managing Smartphone Usage More Effectively
With at least 1 million+ installations to date, BlockSite has proven to be an effective way to avoid distractions, control time better, generate reports, and sync across multiple devices. With cloud-based functionality, BlockSite is capable of instantly taking back control, where distractions make it difficult to stay focused.

Research tends to indicate that smartphones are largely responsible for declining productivity levels in the workforce. Since there is a gross underestimation of smartphone usage, this has implications both professionally and personally.

According to CareerBuilder, the biggest distractions for company employees are smartphones. Some 55% of surveyed employees attested to that. Other distractions include emails, office noise, and rambunctious co-workers.

The study, published by Business News Daily Editor in March 2020, found that almost 8 hours per week are lost on non-work-related activities, with a focus on smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Of the surveyed individuals, 30% spent the majority of their time on personal email, while 28% were browsing social media networks. Plenty of time is also spent on entertainment and sports sites. The Block Site application is capable of prioritizing productivity, for better overall time management.

Source: MoneyMini Blog
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