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Bangladesh’s swimwear export to US market surges 75.20%

Started by Doha, December 08, 2020, 01:01:34 PM

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Bangladesh's swimwear export to US market surges 75.20%

Imports of swimwear in the United States from Bangladesh have increased by 75.20 percent. Bangladesh exported a total of $14.12 million in the January-August period of 2019, which has increased to $24.83 million in the same period of 2020.

Figure: Bangladesh's swimwear export to US market scenario.

Moreover, exports of Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Egypt's exports too surged by 8.07 percent, 7.73 percent and 27.60 percent respectively. Their export earnings to the United States are approximately 164.13 million, $ 36.46 million and $ 23.51 million.

However, overall US swimwear imports declined 19.24 percent from January-August 2020 whose value is approximately $643,37 million (According to OTEXA). Imports reduced to 43.45 percent whose value is about $202.78 million, but last year its value was about $358.59 million.

Chinese orders for swimwear have been shifting to other countries as the US's decline in the import of this category is much less than the decline China noted in its exports.

Mena region's largest production destination named Jordan saw a 189.80 percent yearly growth in swimwear exports to the US annually increased to $30.63 million.

Source: Textile Today