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How to attract the perfect Employee

Started by grace.cdc, August 24, 2020, 10:49:15 AM

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Recruitment is one most important thing to get right for a business but It's also one of the hardest. With the economy on the rise and healthy competition returning to the UK market, how can you ensure you are attracting the right candidates?

Take a look at our below and how you can supercharge your recruitment efforts and attract the perfect employee.

Attractive Salary: 56.6% of western European candidates said salary tops their list of requirements when looking for a job.

Clear Career Path: 42 percent of all finance professionals stated having a clear opportunity for promotion is an important factor for job satisfaction. An employee with a clear career path is more likely to excel in the business than one who is uncertain of where they could progress.

Opportunities for Promotion: Employees are always looking to learn and advance in their careers. Promoting from with in a company boots morale and helps keep productivity high.

On site GYM: There are almost 4.5 million UK adults who have a GYM membership. Healthy employees are happy employees. Exercising three times a week promotes the release of mood elevating endorphins.

Development Reviews: These reviews show an employee's performance will be recognized and rewarded regularly. 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions with in the first year.

Company Pension: This is often sold to employees as free money an offer very hard to say no to. As workers get order and start looking towards retirement a good pension makes them feed valued.

Flexible Work Hours: 83% of people cite flexibility as an important factor when accepting a new role. 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity after a shift to flexi working.   

Subsidized café and healthy food: having an area where staff can interact can lead to an increase in morale. Healthy options enforce the idea that the workforce is looked after and treated well.