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Benefits of Career Development Mentoring

Started by mim, March 30, 2019, 01:59:36 PM

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Benefits of Career Development Mentoring

With the workforce becoming more diverse every day, the focus of any organization's mentoring program should be well defined and fit the necessary objectives. Many individuals today are demanding a mentoring program that isn't just put in place, but also very specific to their needs, especially their career development needs.

Using a mentoring program for career development is a great way for the organization and participants of the program to achieve success. This program can bring benefits to all parties involved and can be a great "selling point" for potential employment candidates. People want to feel like they are valued by their organization and that their future success is just as important to others as it is to them.
Here are some of the benefits that a mentoring program focused on career development can bring to the mentors, men tees, and organization.

For the mentor and men tee...

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing can be mutually beneficial. It allows the mentor and mentee to gain experience and a new perspective from someone that they may not normally interact with on a regular basis. For this to work, both participants must be willing to share.

Honest feedback

Receiving feedback from another individual can help to improve areas where the mentor or men tee is less skilled. Developing these areas further can help them to see more success in their career.

Career goals

This benefit is more for the men tee, but can also help the mentor assess their own career. Many men tees do not know how to set realistic career goals, so having someone to help them through the process is crucial to their success. The mentor should be someone that has gone through this experience previously and can lead the men tee in the right direction.

Networking opportunities

The mentor can open their professional network to the men tee. This gives the men tee an opportunity to become more visible in the organization and interact with professionals that they otherwise may not have had a chance to.  This can also help the mentor to reconnect with individuals in their network and build a stronger business relationship.

For the organization... 

Increased employee engagement

By providing individuals the opportunity to develop their career, and organization is showing them that they not only value their present involvement, but also their future success. Individuals that feel like they are valued by an organization tend to be more engaged.

Increased retention rate

As individuals become more engaged with an organization, they have an increased sense of pride and loyalty. This can lead to increased retention rates as individuals see the benefits of remaining at an organization.

Stronger succession pipeline

Mentoring is key when creating a succession pipeline for your organization. It can groom entry level employees to be ready for upcoming executive positions.

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