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Manufacturing & Quality Control

Started by Rokeya, December 23, 2018, 10:53:24 PM

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Fierce competition and shrinking resources mean that companies need to carefully assess their processes to remain profitable. Efficient manufacturing and quality control practices are necessary to stay competitive. This forces more and more companies to eliminate time consuming manual processes and replace them with automated solutions.

Track your productsDistribution
Vero can provide complete tracking and end-to-end traceability of products during your manufacturing process and beyond.

By using latest RFID technology, Vero tracks the location of your products during the manufacturing process and during subsequent quality procedures. Handheld readers allow you to identify individual products off-site to detect counterfeit goods or unauthorised re-imports.

Improve your quality processes
Tracking products or equipment manually through quality assessment and assurance processes can be a time-consuming and costly exercise. With Vero's Quality Tracking solution you can automatically record quality assurance processes to provide complete visibility and ensure compliance.

Using an automated tracking system considerably reduces search times, as well as the associated labour costs and business process delays. It ensure quality records are accurate by eliminating errors typically associated with manual processes.

Track your equipment
In manufacturing environments manually keeping track of your moveable equipment such as tools, test equipment and safety devices can be a challenge. Knowing exactly where your assets are can save time when trying to locate them for use, testing or maintenance.

Using Vero's latest RFID location technology provides a cost effective way to automatically track your equipment. It enables you to locate assets quickly when they are needed and reduce the number of lost or stolen items by promoting account ability and assigning assets to specific an individual, a department or contractor.

Improve your manufacturing process (WIP)
VeroTrack provides a cost effective solution to track your products through production processes using RFID or advanced optical technology. Manufacturing processes can be monitored end-to-end or in part to support lean processes, just-in-time manufacturing and the application of the Six Sigma methodology. By tracking products through the manufacturing process it can highlight bottlenecks, optimise production routes and significantly reduce quality variations and rejects.

Interfacing with your ERP systems can ensure that particular production processes are triggered for specific items on the production line eliminating errors and thereby promoting quality and customer satisfaction.