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Merchandiser job description

Started by H. M. Nasim, October 14, 2018, 06:51:50 PM

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H. M. Nasim

Merchandising is often seen as the more glamorous side of retail, be it in supermarkets, fashion stores or even humble Poundland because you are the person responsible for deciding which products to buy and how they are displayed.

It's high pressure, sure, but it is also shopping for a living - and how hard can that be? We take a look... 

So, what will I actually be doing?
A merchandiser needs to know what's new on the market, what the customers will like and which products will make a profit.

It's not all glamour and shopping as a merchandiser and no two days are ever the same. Your typical daily tasks are likely to include:

1. Visiting suppliers and manufacturers
2. Analyzing sales information
3. Negotiating prices with suppliers
4. Ordering Goods
5. Talking to other departments
6. Helping with promotions and advertising campaigns
7. Producing sales projections

H. M. Nasim