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About International funding agencies

Started by H. M. Nasim, October 14, 2018, 12:30:45 PM

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H. M. Nasim

The following international agencies fund language documentation and/or revitalization work regardless of the country of citizenship of the applicant. 
Make sure to also look at the country-specific grants.

1. The Christensen Fund is a US philanthropic organization created by the Christensen family and based in California. Pre-proposals for the African Rift Valley, Central Asia, Northwest Mexico, Melanesia, Global Program and SF Bay Area Programs may be submitted from August 1-31.

2. Earth Action Network Endangered Languages Program is a non-profit international organization interested in supporting the preservation and restoration of Native languages and the Earth-honoring worldview at their core. There is no active call for applications.

3. The Endangered Languages Documentation Project is supported by Arcadia and is based at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. ELDP offers five grant schemes. Expressions of interest are currently being invited for Legacy Material Grants. The 2017 granting cycle for full applications for all grant types opens on 15 October 2016 and closes on 15 January 2017. Decisions are notified on 15 June 2017.

4. Endangered Language Fund is a small, US-based grant program. Applications for 2016 closed on 10 April and decisions were delivered in end of May 2016.

5. Firebird Foundation For Anthropological Research Inc. has established a program of Fellowships to support the recording of oral literature and ecological knowledge. Applications are accepted for review quarterly: March 1, June 1, Sept. 1 and Dec. 1.

6. Ford Foundation's overall mission is to reduce poverty and injustice and to promote democratic values, international
corporation and human achievement.

7. Foundation for Endangered Languages is a small, UK based philanthropic foundation. Calls are usually made for proposals in the last two months of the calendar year, announcing the results by the end of February of the following year.

8. The Genographic Legacy Fund awards grants on an annual basis for community-driven projects directly preserving or revitalizing Indigenous or traditional culture. From May 2016, grants will no longer be available through this fund.

9. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  is open to Indigenous peoples' organizations and communities, and organizations that work with them, awarding grants that fund projects and partnerships to promote the development of indigenous peoples and their unique cultural identity. Application details are here.

10. International Funders for Indigenous Peoples provide information on a range of grant schemes and activities.

11. National Geographic Explorers provides a number of different grant schemes in the areas of science and conservation.

12. Smithsonian Institution Recovering Voices Community Research Program to support Indigenous communities in their efforts to save, document, and enliven their languages, cultures, and knowledge systems. Projects can have a budget of up to $10,000. Applications close September 15, 2016.

13. United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues has created a Trust Fund for the Second Decade. The Fund is intended to provide support for projects that will have short and long-term benefits for indigenous people.

14. Wenner-Gren Foundation has a variety of grant programs for anthropological research and scholarship that are open to applicants irrespective of nationality or country of residence.

15. World Oral Literature Project Fieldwork Grants Programme has released all of its funding and is no longer accepting proposals or expressions of interest.